The Heights: Self-titled EP

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The Heights: Self-titled EP

It seems that with the wave of music producers, synth and electronica, the simple pleasures of acoustic, folk music have become lost. The Heights’ EP is a return to such pleasures, and is an easy listen if there ever were one.

As all good folk releases should be, they should uplift, engage, stir something within you and excite with clever guitar strumming and vocal abilities. This is a release to do just that. While things may be a bit raw, the foundations are there for a truly great career.

A highlight of the release is the heartfelt ‘So Long’. With its clever lyrical arrangement (“I can’t take this rain that’s falling on me and all the tears that flow between”) and steady beat, it’s the kind of song where the crowd listening at a pub would go silent, look at each other and really appreciate the song for what it is. We’ve all felt such emotions, felt loss and been forlorn, this is a song that’s a tribute to those moments.

Overall it’s an exciting addition to the folk scene in Melbourne, keep an eye (and ear) out for these guys if you’ve been looking for something different to the current offerings.

Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh