The Binge: Episode 4 – Poke Binge and Chill

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The Binge: Episode 4 – Poke Binge and Chill

1. Pokemon Go: I mean, this is a given. Myself and half the Globe have been trotting around in the quest to catch em’ all. Or, if you’re like me and don’t want to walk in the cold, having your best friend drive around the block really slowly whilst you try and incubate those eggs. The only lowpoint in this game for me was when I spent a $1.70 on pikachu money, but overall it’s been a lot of fun and really addictive. Hot tip: Set yourself up between two poke stops with lures, grab some snacks and for God’s sake be safe.

Where: Pokemon Go app

2. Jeffree Star controversy videos: I’ve only just discovered that my beautiful Jeffree Star, makeup mogul and YouTuber is actually a bit of a shit and I’m devastated. Hasn’t stopped me from watching multiple YouTube videos about how he’s been racist, transphobic and overall a poo of a human and the whole thing is awful and addictive. However, I’ve watched a recent vid where he explains himself and apologises over some of the controversies… but not all of them. If you’re into beauty – it’s a must watch.
Where: Youtube/Jeffree Star controversy

3. The Bachelorette US version: We’re nearing the end of the US Bachelorette and I have been gripped in the throes of JoJo’s drama. Who will it be? The perfect American boy next door Jordan, who’s never quite been number 1 – or will it be Luke who has teeth so white you’re not allowed to look directly at him… Like the sun. We’re nearing hometown dates and the countdown is on – who will accept her final rose? Not sure, but it’ll be just in time for the start of the Aus Bachelor.. cool bananas.
Where: Channel 9Life, Tuesday’s 7:30pm.