The Geelong Gaol are live streaming an investigation this weekend

The Geelong Gaol are live streaming an investigation this weekend

Nothing gets your imagination pumping like exploring an abandoned Gaol, creepy cemetery or a haunted hotel in the dead of the night.

Australia may not have the long colonial history like other grand countries around the world, but we still have our fair share of macabre haunting stories of the convict era. Even as early as the Victorian gold rush, belief in ghosts, ghost stories and hauntings were popular subjects or entertainment and attracted significant attention with public gatherings.

If you’ve been itching to dive into the darker side of history or you’re just keen for a good old ghost hunting, the Geelong Gaol are giving you the chance to witness it all online via a live stream this Saturday night.

During the investigation, led by the Gaol’s very best, will explore Victoria’s most intact 19th century gaol. For 138 years it was once home to the states most infamous and dangerous criminals, lunatics and children. Known to the prisoners themselves as the Prison of the Ill or the Seaside Resort, it was a place many would try to escape from but many would never leave alive… Well, until its decommission in July, 1991.

We can expect participants will be virtually taken into the heart of Victoria’s early colonial convict history as they explore the darkened halls and cells where convicts lived in extreme conditions, hearing stories of the prisoners, executions and of course, ghosts.

I don’t know about you, but a live stream is probably going to be the closest I get to experiencing this… so why the heck not!

It all goes down on Saturday May 30 at 8pm. This is a free event and will be live-streamed through Facebook.

The investigation will be undertaken in line with all Government regulations, maintaining social distancing during the investigation.