5 of the smoothest tracks of all time, as told by Sydney’s Oly Sherman

5 of the smoothest tracks of all time, as told by Sydney’s Oly Sherman

Oly Sherman’s latest release is lush, textured and dream-like driven by seriously groovy beats.

Serving as a strong follow up to the Sydney artists’s previous single ‘Madness’, ‘Homeboy’ is 3 minutes and 46 seconds of irresistible indie-pop and infectious joyous sounds that are sure to get you up and about on a Friday morning. Boasting a vibe similar to that of Tash Sultana, Matt Corby and Fergus James in terms of delivery and lyrical vulnerability, Sherman splashes flavours of soulful, bluesy, melodic folk, embracing lush soundscapes and sleek, pulsing beats and tied together with vibrant, organic production.

“‘Homeboy’ is a song about being caught in an arduous place between expectations, relationships and self-awareness. ‘Homeboy’ is a small window into my mental capacity and how I sometimes may deal with certain things,” Sherman explains.

Check out the single below.

To celebrate the track that’s smoother than a fresh jar of skippy, we had Oly Sherman share his top 5 smoothest tracks of all time.

‘Love Like This’ by RY X
I mean, it depends on how you define smooth, but to me, this song speaks to me on so many levels. Melodically and lyrically. It quite literally puts me in a state, which I would consider the trait of something smooth.

‘Sleep’ by Snakadaktal
One of my favourite bands (was super gutted when I found out they broke up). This song is as smooth as they get, right up until the last minute and a half. From there, its possibly my favourite part of any song. It really, really does speak for itself.

‘Thinking of a Place’ by The War on Drugs
I’m a huge sucker for a long song, and the boys don’t let me down. This song is especially smooth for me, as it reminds me of so many things I’ve done or experienced when listening to it. That’s one thing I really hope to do with my music.

‘Sugar for the Pill’ by Slowdive
A band that can go pretty heavy at times, but I still love. This song is only one smooth example of their latest release. I really love the production of this record in that, it’s not overproduced. They’ve clearly wanted to put a lot of sounds within the songs yet have also left most of them in their natural form. Love.

‘Too Late’ by The Paper Kites
One of my all-time favourite bands, and probably the first song of theirs that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Everything flows so well, and it’s so nice to hear a band finding their sound and owning it.

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