The Eastern Winter’s Eve Gig

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The Eastern Winter’s Eve Gig

A finely selected handful of underground heavy­ hitters will come together at The Eastern in Ballarat on Saturday, May 28 for Winter’s Eve, a night where locals can bask in the remaining days of autumn before the grim winter kicks in.

Suiciety, Roundtable, Merchant, Wildeornes, Swidgen, Motherslug, Field, NEVER and BØG will be there to keep you warm. A bunch of skateboarding mates with nothing better to do kicked off Suiciety way back in 1990, and in a six-year run they racked up supports with the likes of Sepultura, The Supersuckers, Kreator, Ministry, Body Count, Fear Factory and The Tea Party.

They unexpectedly called it quits in 1996, but recently returned from the dead.