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The Dead City Lights

Chances are if you’re from Geelong, the name Nathan Seeckts will be a familiar one in the music scene. Also part of the Dead City Lights, we had a chat to Nathan about the band’s new release Rosie, whether Rosie is indeed a real lady-friend and the perks of releasing on vinyl.
Your last show we saw there were some very cool Mexican get-ups you were all rocking, what kind of outfits can we expect at your launch shows? 

Hahaha, we haven’t actually discussed that. The Mariachi suits were a bit of fun for our New Years show at The Reverence Hotel. The closest we’ve come to that in the past was probably a quick text message asking each other which t-shirt we’re wearing so we don’t turn up wearing the same band t-shirt.

 So pre orders for your new release Rosie are officially out, and we have to ask, the title track of ‘Rosie’, is she a fictional character or based off the real deal? 

She’s a bit of an amalgamation of a few different people I’ve met over the years. The beauty of creating characters like Rosie is that you get to pick the best (and sometimes worst) parts of people you meet along the way and embellish on their character traits to satisfy your own needs.

The release is coming out on vinyl as well, are you big believers that vinyl is the truest, best way to release your music?

Right now I think it is. CDs are a dead medium, so that was never an option for us. For most people they’re buying their music as a digital download, which is fine, but for me I love the physical product. I love having something you can hold in your hands as you read the liner notes and the lyrics. I love studying the artwork and seeing who the band is saying thank you to as I listen to the music for the very first time.

While vinyl is making a come back, it’s prime was several decades ago. What decade would you have loved to exist in as musicians?

We’d probably all answer that one differently, but collectively as a band I think we’re pretty happy with playing in the here and now. Being able to share your music so easily across the globe has meant that we can open ourselves up to a larger audience, especially with the kind of music we’re playing. There are no limits set upon you due to your geographical location.

Whoever did your poster art deserves a pint on the house, is that something done by the band?
I totally agree. Our good friend Annie Walter took care of the artwork for this one. She’s done a bunch of work for me in the past with my solo releases and tours, hell, she even designed my wedding invitation. She always knocks it out of the park, and this time was no exception.
It’s been over a year since you released Ghost Town, have you noticed any changes in the band, musically or otherwise, since that time? 

Absolutely. Initially the songs we were playing were just full band versions of my solo songs, so for me ‘Ghost Town’ was always going to be a way to showcase that new sound. With ‘Rosie’, we’re creating the songs as a whole band, with each member having input during the creative process. We’ve all got ownership over the songs now and are really proud of how they’ve turned out.
There’s been talk in the past of Geelong being a “dead city” and given you’re local lads and the band name, what are your thoughts on the state of the music industry in Geelong?

Geelong’s a unique beast, with its own quirks and mannerisms. After years of playing in and around Geelong, the most important thing I’ve learned about it is to surround yourself with good, positive people. There are some great artists in the area like Crowbait and Alister Turrill, who are out there consistently playing shows and supporting other artists in what they do. The other thing I’ve learned is to never give the time of day to people who say “It was better back in the day”. Stop living in the past.

Lastly, you will be launching the release in your home town, does it make the launch even sweeter knowing family and friends will be in the audience? Or is it bitter sweet as you’ll have to behave that little bit more?

There’s nothing better than looking out into a crowd and seeing people arm in arm singing along to your songs. We’re really lucky to have such a supportive network of people who come along to our shows. I’ve said it numerous times on stage before, but I always stand by it, “If there was no you, there would be no us”. The support we get from our fans is phenomenal.
Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us, any last words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?

‘Rosie’ is available on vinyl through our website (, or digitally through iTunes. We’ll see you at the launch shows!

When & Where: The Barwon Club, Geelong – February 12 & Public Bar, North Melbourne – February 13