Kristy Coote

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Kristy Coote

Together with her backing band, aptly named ‘The Moustache Men’, Kristy Coote is headed our way to showcase her latest single Freewind ahead of the release of her brand new album in May 2016. Over the years there have been some spectacular dress codes with bands at Beav’s Bar, which prompted me to ask Coote as to whether her fellow musicians would be making the most of the sombrero and poncho combo given the name of the backing band?

“I think they definitely should because that would bring a lot of fun to the gig, yet I don’t know whether they would be able to fit it in their suitcases,” she says.

“We do have some awesome talent helping us out at the gig though and Geelong’s own Michael Stangel will also be getting up to play a few numbers beside us so that will be great. Tyrone Noonan is also going to be there; he is playing a few shows with us on this tour so it’ll be a great night, I’m sure.”

The latest single Freewind is a pop gem. With heavy synth parts and big beats, it is a track that should help you through a rough day. “When I was over in Nashville recording, I met up with Mike Flanders and the song is really about when you come to a crossroads and you are unsure whether you should try something different, or keep on the same path you are on,” Kristy says.

“A lot of people don’t do these things out of fear. It’s about giving it a go with whatever repercussions come along the way. In a way it talks about the insecurities of being a musician and not knowing about how your career or latest single is going to fair. There are some people that are fearful to get on stage and sing, but it’s silly to hold back and not do what you want to do in life.”

Released in May, Favourite Thing is the follow-up to the energetic debut album Chocolate Days which saw the light of day back in April 2010. It’s been five years without any music, however, Favourite Thing is well worth the wait. “Chocolate Days was recorded in Lovehz Studios in Sydney with Michael Carpenter and Matt Fell and that showcases the fact there is plenty of great local producers around to help you piece together a record. I think this time around, I have had a lot more time to breathe and I know what my genre is and what sound I am striving for with each song. It feels more like me.”

Growing up, there was plenty of music to be discovered in the Coote household and the diversity within what was being played has helped Kristy into the musician she is today. “There was a lot of Elvis played in the house when I was a kid as well as Slim Dusty and Neil Young. We heard everything from classical to contemporary pop and if I had to name my guilty pleasure it is probably Bon Jovi.”

Hitting Beav’s Bar on February 18th, be sure not to miss one of the rising stars in the indie pop scene and there might even be a sneaky sombrero or poncho or two and really who would want to miss that!
Written by Tex Miller

When & Where: Beav’s Bar, Geelong – February 18 & Theatre Royal, Castlemaine – February 19