The Chats are releasing their own goon bag, just in time for summer

The Chats are releasing their own goon bag, just in time for summer

Because of course.

Prepare the clothes line, pub rock heroes The Chats have teamed up with Sydney bar and venue Crowbar on a collaborative ‘goon sack’.

Teaming up with Delinquente Wine Co., this delicious silver pillow comes encased in the most primo cardboard, with some pictures by local legend Struthless, making it the perfect accompaniment to your Pub Feed, your Smoko, or to make you feel better about getting The Clap.

As for the wine itself, the white goon is made with a bunch of all natural, happy grapes chucked together, fermented wild and bugger all other stuff added except for a bit of sulfur just to Keep the Grubs Out.

Being the equivalent of two bottles in one glorious box, the sack will set you back a cheeky $55. And considering it’s not your standard ‘Fruity Lexia’ concoction that’ll have your head in the toilet, it might just be worth it.

If you need more convincing, Eamon from The Chats revealed “It’s fucken good”. No truer words have ever been spoken.

Head to the Built To Spill Wine website for more details and to order your wine before the weekend. Customers can also sign up to the mailing list for 10% off their first order, and score a free record when placing an order of three wines (while stocks last).

This is just one of the first releases to come from a new music and wine project, Built To Spill Wine, courtesy of a collaboration between Crowbar and UNIFIED Music Group. Operating in the form of an online store, Built To Spill Wine offers a delicious selection of natural wines from across the globe, inviting musicians to team up with some of Australia’s best natural winemakers to craft the bottle of their dreams for music fans and wine lovers to enjoy.

While we’re lapping up The Chats goon, a second artist collaboration will launch next week.

Check it out via the online store.