The Black Sorrows Play Meredith

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The Black Sorrows Play Meredith

30+ years in and The Black Sorrows remain as popular as ever – especially given their sellout show in Ballarat. The band released two limited edition 12” vinyl LPs this year, Endless Sleep (Chapter 46) and Endless Sleep (Chapter 47), a tribute to the likes of Lou Reed, JJ Cale, John Coltrane, Captain Beefheart, Hank Williams and Skip James.

The album’s title is the name of a 1958 song by Jody Reynolds. Joe Camilleri: “I tip my hat to the spirit of these artists who have inspired me and give the songs another opportunity to be heard … I’m a disciple and it’s a bit of soul food.” The band will take to The Royal Hotel Meredith on January 24.