The Beautiful Girls are bringing the ‘Rumble Inna Jungle’ tour to Melbourne

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The Beautiful Girls are bringing the ‘Rumble Inna Jungle’ tour to Melbourne

Credit: Gui Jorje
Words by Staff Writer

The very last show of the tour takes to URBNSURF WavePool in Melbourne.

The Beautiful Girls, an iconic name in Australian music, gear up to hit Urbnsurf in Melbourne on Saturday, February 17th. With their mesmerising live show that has captivated audiences globally for nearly two decades, fans are in for a treat as the band extend the ‘RUMBLE INNA JUNGLE’ tour.

This tour, in support of their first-ever live album of the same name, has been nothing short of special, with multiple sold-out shows along the way. Heading to the shores of URBNSURF’s pristine blue lagoon, The Beautiful Girls will take to the stage with support from Bobby Alu.

The Beautiful Girls at Urbnsurf Melbourne

  • Urbnsurf, Melbourne
  • Saturday, February 17 at 3:30pm
  • Tickets here.

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Celebrating the release of this landmark album, The Beautiful Girls have been gracing various locations across Australia, promising unforgettable live performances that capture the essence of their renowned stage presence. Frontman Mat McHugh shared, “There’s been a whole lot of life between these two moments, and you can hear it,” reflecting on the band’s musical journey and evolution.

Emphasising the importance of their live performances, McHugh stated, “The Beautiful Girls have built our reputation around being the best live band we could be.” With over 500,000 albums sold and 100,000,000 streams independently released, Mat McHugh and The Beautiful Girls have solidified their place in the Australian music scene.

From their early days of guerilla shows at a local skate park to international acclaim, McHugh’s unique blend of bass-heavy rhythms, dub, folk, soul, jazz, and hip-hop has garnered widespread acclaim. Yet, despite their success, the fact that The Beautiful Girls is essentially McHugh’s solo project seems to have eluded many.

Reflecting on the band’s genesis, McHugh reminisced, “Even from the early days when it all started, it was a toss of a coin whether the project would be under my name or something else.” Operating as a collective rather than a band, The Beautiful Girls became a platform for McHugh’s musical vision, earning them recognition and acclaim worldwide.

Their sophomore album, ‘We’re Already Gone,’ soared to #19 on the ARIA Album Chart, while their third album, ‘Ziggurats,’ reached #21. With numerous world tours under their belt and accolades aplenty, The Beautiful Girls continue to captivate audiences with their soulful sound and infectious energy.

So, as The Beautiful Girls prepare to bring their ‘RUMBLE INNA JUNGLE’ tour to Melbourne, it’s clear that there’s much more music magic yet to come from the man behind the name.

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