Sydney’s Bloom prove themselves to be on the brink of greatness with powerful EP ‘In Passing’

Sydney’s Bloom prove themselves to be on the brink of greatness with powerful EP ‘In Passing’

Words by Alex Callan

Sydney melodic hardcore outfit, Bloom are the latest signing to rising Australian label Greyscale Records.

Bloom are truly adding a twist to the Australian Hardcore scene. The melodic balance of their music doesn’t drop the intensity fans of the genre are used to but also includes ambient high guitars, mid-pitched screams and rapid off kilter drum fills.

Blending between melancholic verses and bouncy choruses, ‘In Passing’ is an emotional journey fuelled by Jono Hawkey’s introspective lyricism and pure gravel of his tone.

Hawkey embellishes the high-stakes mix between a yell and scream that most bands save for the bridge of their songs.

Take for instance In Hearts Wake’s cries of “We Are Divine” or Polaris’ with “You’re not a hero, if you’re trapped behind a mask.” These moments include vocal qualities that ultimately are pushing the vocalists larynx to its absolute capability. Hawkey is one of the few vocalists who can adopt this style for a whole release and the results are uniquely inspiring for the future of the Australian hardcore sound.

From the moment ‘The Service’ kicks in, it is evident just how different Bloom is compared to many of their Greyscale Records label mates. The high guitar notes give the song an epic feel whilst the juxtaposition of vocalists on ‘The Boat and The Stream’ showcases what more heavy bands should be doing with clean vocals.

At this point, a clean vocal chorus added into a song that has been heavy until that moment has become incredibly humdrum. The way that Bloom blends between vocalists, at times gives even adding a unison sound, bears a much more powerful and mesmerising effect.

This can be seen on ‘Daylight’, with its mixture of two vocalists being slightly reminiscent of early Taking Back Sunday.

Title track ‘In Passing’ concludes the release with it’s heaviest moments yet. The fast-paced percussion and frantically sporadic rhythms are concluded with a slowed down old school rock guitar number. It almost feels like a final salute from Bloom. But, we know there is still a lot of greatness to come from these up and comers.

In Passing is out now via Greyscale Records.

Check it out below.