TISM set new world record for the longest single disc vinyl ever released

TISM set new world record for the longest single disc vinyl ever released

They've also sold out an album cover that comes without a record inside.

Earlier this month it was revealed that beloved rock bizarros TISM were releasing two new albums in December. Dropping via David Roy Williams Entertainment under TISM’s Genre B. Goode imprint, the first of the two records comes in the form of a live album drawn from TISM’s last show at Earthcore on November 27, 2004.

Titled On Behalf of TISM I Would Like to Concede We Have Lost the Election, the record is 31 tracks long and will be available on CD or through a limited 2LP vinyl set. The memorable performance saw TISM perform all their classics, including ‘Greg! The Stop Sign!!’, ‘Whatareya?’ as well as four renditions of their iconic 1986 debut single ‘Defecate On My Face’.

Alongside that comes The TISM Deluxe Omni-Album, a record which comes in two forms. Featuring an all-purpose album cover, liner notes, artworks and song listings of their entire six-album discography, the standard edition of The TISM Omni-Album features only paraphernalia and no vinyl at all.

Yet, the deluxe version of the record packs something even more bizarre. Purchase the second tier TISM Deluxe Omni-Album and you’ll get yourself the aforementioned TISM goodies alongside a vinyl LP that features 100 minutes of total silence.

“The TISM Deluxe Omni-Album’s disc contains 100 minutes of total silence, allowing you to savour the full vinyl experience,” a press statement from David Roy Williams said.

“You will extract the soon-to-scratched disc from the soon-to-be bent cover, place it on a revolving turntable powered by latest in 1920’s technology, and then attempt to drop a tiny, fragile and expensive needle onto an inconsistently revolving wax groove.

“With the TISM Deluxe Omni-Album, all the features of analogue listening are yours: turntable rumble, extraneous cartridge noise, clicks and pops as the stylus hits dust, and, of course, the repetitive insanity of a needle endlessly skipping over the permanently damaged surface.

So the world record?

At 50 minutes each side, The TISM Deluxe Omni-Album will be the longest single disc vinyl record ever released, eclipsing 1974’s “90 Minutes With Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops”. Absolutely huge for any vinyl lover.

In another complete and utter twist, TISM have officially sold out The TISM Omni-Album. Six weeks prior to its release, the album cover that comes without a record inside it has sold out. 2020 sure is batshit crazy.

The Deluxe version is still available, featuring a VINYL LP record comprised entirely of silence, but it’s anticipated to sell out prior to its release date on December 4 2020, alongside their other release On Behalf of TISM I Would Like to Concede We Have Lost the Election.

Every purchaser of the deluxe album will receive at no additional cost, a download card so that they might enjoy the pure auditory delights that a digital copy of the album will deliver to their chosen audio device.

The records drop on Friday December 4. Pre-order them here.