Swordcraft returns to earthcore

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Swordcraft returns to earthcore

Picture hundreds of people equipped in medieval gear battling it out on the hills. Well that’s what you can expect as Swordcraft returns to earthcore festival.

Swordcraft is a competitive live action battle game, where players fight with realistic looking foam weapons to achieve computer game style objectives.

This means epic action battles between forces of light and dark, escort missions, raiding escort missions, tournaments, experience a full blown siege (this one involves siege weapons and complete mayhem), and exploring the grounds with Swordcraft veternans.

A great one for all the cosplay lovers, you can decide the fate of two worlds with a sword in hand by entering the battle, or you can just sit back and enjoy the chaos.

Sign-up at the Fortress of Darkness (between the main stage and the chillout stage on Friday and Saturday to learn how you can be part of the action (no experience or gear needed – just bring a drivers licence as deposit)

More info check out their page on Facebook

For full Swordcraft rules and recommendations visit their website.