Super Snõõper: Nashville’s DIY punk rockers Snõõper unveil brilliantly manic debut album

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Super Snõõper: Nashville’s DIY punk rockers Snõõper unveil brilliantly manic debut album

Photo Credit: Monica Murray
Words by Alex Callan

Nashville's Snõõper have just released their highly anticipated debut album "Super Snõõper".

Some songs resemble heartbeats, Snõõper’s debut Super Snõõper resembles cardiac arrest. With its runtime clocking a mere 23 minutes, the Nashville-based punk outfit’s first effort adds a whole new meaning to short and sweet.

Although, ‘sweet’ may not be the best adjective to describe the group’s sound, ‘short and manic’ is probably more apt.

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Wasting no time in its approach, Super Snõõper throttles listeners with whirlwinds of frenetic punk riffs, supercharged percussion and Blair Tramel’s crazed vocals right from the outset. Opener Bed Bugs, marries intersections of garage, psych and noise, all in a crisp yet chaotic 34 seconds, Fitness adds rapidfire riffs that make it seem like Ian Teeple (guitar) is trying to set the world record for most licks per second, while Xerox sees Tramel barely take a breath as her high-pitched warbles raucously overlay themselves with each line. It’s like the Powerpuff Girls on speed. 

But yet, it’s organised chaos, with songs like Defect and Running showcasing the group’s stylistic adaptability through the inclusion of spacious grunge basslines, thin wire Vic Flick-esque guitar solos and sweeping symbol arrangements. Highlighting that Snõõper brings much more to the table than just rambunctious punk energy. 

That being said– while Super Snõõper is undoubtedly a punk record, it’s the kind of punk that would make John Lydon (Sex Pistols) go, “what the fuck is this?” John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees, Coachwhips) on the other hand, would be in awe. 

Stream the album here

Label: Third Man Records
Release date: 14/07/23