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Sugarland is quite unique in the theatre scene in Geelong. Offering an insight into teenage Australian life, the story will have you laugh, cry and it’s guaranteed to stay with you for a long time. We had a chat with DubsYunupingu who plays Nina in Sugarland.

Hi Dubs, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?

I am really good thank you, I am currently on tour with the Australian Theatre for Young People doing this amazing show Sugarland.

You’re one of the characters in Sugarland which will soon be coming to Geelong, what do you connect with most to the story?

The character that I play is Nina and she is quite a strong independent young girl from community. I connect with her a lot because I also am from an Aboriginal community from North East Arnhem Land, NT, that is very similar to Nina’s community in Katherine. I can relate to a lot of things that happen in Nina’s life.

One of the great things about Sugarland is it tells story of life in Katherine to those around Australia who may otherwise be unaware, how important do you think that awareness is?

I believe it is very important that the rest of Australia sees Sugarland because there are a lot of issues in Katherine and other places like Katherine that aren’t spoken about enough and that a lot of people don’t even know about.

Have you been to Katherine, did you like it?

Yes I have been to Katherine –it is just so beautiful and very hot! The culture there is just so strong and the people are very nice.

Given the story may be new to those witnessing the play, is there a place in the world where you’d really love to get a similar insight into like what Sugarland gives on Katherine?

If I could go anywhere in the world to learn about a community like Katherine it would be America to learn about the Native American community and culture.

The characters in the story are quite resilient as well, do you think playing such a character strengthened your own resilience?

Yes in a way. I feel like it has made me more independent and more of a stronger woman.

We understand you’re a dancer, actor and singer, do you remember your first experience with the arts?

Well I have been dancing ever since I could walk so it is a little bit hard to remember, but I have had a lot of amazing experiences throughout my life which I am so thankful and grateful for – including Sugarland.

And how soon after that experience did you find you wanted to pursue if further in life?

I have always been dancing but with acting as soon as I started Sugarland I’ve just wanted to do more and more – it’s so much fun!

Thanks again for taking the time to chat, are there any last words of wisdom you’d like to leave our readers with?

Just follow your dreams, never give up and do what you love!

When & Where: GPAC, Geelong – May 10-11