Kristy Coote

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Kristy Coote

An interview with singer/songwriter Kristy Coote is an interesting affair. So engaging and open on one level, yet so mysterious on another. The Newcastle-based singer has recently released her new single ‘Favourite Thing’, from her debut album of the same name, and is about to go out on the road for a national tour.

Coote’s career to date has been one of ‘do-it-yourself’ methodology, from “doing budgets” to having family help out in roles like tour manager. “I feel like it’s good in a way because I feel like I have more ownership. You need a balance.”

And Coote received an unexpected boost through a mystery investor. That investor has helped realise Coote’s dream of concentrating on music full-time. The investor, coupled with Coote’s previous efforts and working towards her dream of a music career are now starting to come to fruition.

“I’ve had lots of jobs in the past, lots of different things, all working towards being able to perform and play music. I’m starting to get traction as a performer,” she says.

Coote is better known near her home base of Newcastle, and the eastern coast of Australia. But her aim is to continue the progress she is making in America. “I’ve been going to the States for 10 years. My music network there has grown stronger over time. It’s a fairly busy ride but worth it,” Coote explains.

“I’m working on getting a niche for myself and my music. I have a lot of musician friends, and I see a lot of them struggling. You just have to keep at it if it is something you love. The world is a different place than it was 15 years ago.”

And that’s the hard part for Coote. Because for every one singer that does have some success, there are 50 that never do. The music industry is fickle, and will chew you up and spit you out before you have time to blink.

“I’ve gotten some good feedback, and I feel like I am heading in a positive direction. I have my own record label and publishing company – I have that control. As far as genres go, I am really trying to make it in the indie-pop market.”

One of Coote’s key aims the next time she returns to the US is to try and get the debut album played on some of the more contemporary radio stations. And to continue to make it in music on her own, regardless of her investor or not. “They could be a point where they say now you’re on your own.”

When that happens it will come down to Coote’s abilities musically, not just in a business sense that will see her succeed. That success could come soon with her new tour starting shortly, and the release of the debut album.

Written by Chris Michaels

Release: Favourite Thing is out now via