‘Spell It Out To U’: Nikki Wishart reminds us we deserve better with new indie-pop single

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‘Spell It Out To U’: Nikki Wishart reminds us we deserve better with new indie-pop single

Melbourne’s sonic poet unleashes a spirited indie-pop melody that stays true to her distinctive lyricism and authentic energy that leaves you empowered. 

Eventually, when dealing with people with narcissist traits, you get to the point where you don’t care anymore. That’s where we find Melbourne singer-songwriter Nikki Wishart who shows us how to embrace the discomfort and say goodbye to those self-important, selfish and insensitive people in our lives with her latest release ‘Spell It Out To U’.

The follow-up to her intimate and raw September release ‘Good Intent’, the new single, released October 21, sees the soon-to-be pop powerhouse deliver an honest, relatable and playful track that sees a boost to Wishart’s confidence, playing to her strengths and embracing what feels genuine.

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Laced with sass, this hypnotic pop power ballad is lush and exuberant, capturing you right from the start with its heady rhythm, vibrant guitars, sweet melodies, golden vocals, and a super catchy chorus that’ll stay in your head for days.

Co-written by Geelong’s own Noah Vernon and produced by SB90, Wishart swaps sad girl tunes for the musical equivalent of putting a middle finger in the air, unleashing a spirited and utterly empowering indie-pop melody that stays true to her distinctive lyricism and authentic energy.

Reminiscent of Olivia Rodrigo, inspired by fellow singer-songwriters including Holly Humberstone and Chelsea Cutler, Wishart channels a melting pot of indie-pop and pop-punk influences, sending a fierce message to all narcissists who think “they are fucking saints.”

Wishart sings, “You laughed when you should have cared / You weren’t there when I needed you most / you’ve told me so much I shouldn’t know / Hate to break it to you, everyone hates you,” reminding us that we deserve better.

“Soaked in absolute sass, this song was so so fun to write. Sometimes you need to stop writing sad songs and make something with a bit of attitude,” Wishart says of her new track. “Narcissists are shit and you deserve better, so you might as well write a song about it.”

A lyrically forward artist, Wishart’s latest release blends the raw, acoustic beauty and masterful songwriting displayed across her three previous releases (February’s ‘compromised’, April’s ‘Illusion’ and September’s buoyant acoustic pop ‘Good Intent’) with a bright glittery backdrop and sassy, assertive vocals.

Forging her path with music by her side since she was a child, Wishart’s style of emotional and lyrically brilliant songwriting is fuelled with captivating sincerity, designed to both express emotion and develop a connection with each and every one of her listeners. It’s this connection that has allowed Nikki to garner over 25k collective streams and support from audiences and industry alike. 

While we’ve come to love her achingly intimate tracks, ‘Spell It Out To U’ further cements her place as a promising – and accessible and relatable – indie-pop act in the making.

You can see Nikki Wishart live on stage this November as she supports Noah Vernon at The Gasometer Upstairs on November 16 alongside Angus Legg. Tickets here.

‘Spell It Out To U’ is available on all digital platforms worldwide now. Stream ‘Spell It Out To U’ here and keep up with the latest from Nikki Wishart here.