Nikki Wishart shines an intimate and raw indie pop light on new single, ‘Good Intent’ 

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Nikki Wishart shines an intimate and raw indie pop light on new single, ‘Good Intent’ 

Brimming with heartfelt emotion, passion and deep intent, Nikki Wishart has elevated her already inimitable art to new heights. 

Achingly intimate, warm and tender, Melbourne singer-songwriter Nikki Wishart’s new single ‘Good Intent’ is a radiantly raw indie acoustic journey of tremendous depth, warmth and emotion that greets the ears not as just a single song, but as an enveloping and immersive experience.

Released today, September 16, ‘Good Intent’ is a bright, buoyant and instantly memorable slice of acoustic pop, and arrives as Wishart’s third single of the year, following February’s ‘compromised’ and April’s ‘Illusion’.

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Showcasing Wishart’s intricate ability to infuse thoughtful lyricism and innate, authentic energy that draws you in from the opening moment, ‘Good Intent’ is a truly stunning and stirring surrender. With an ethereal yet intimate soundscape, Wishart’s feelings are laid bare over the song’s bright instrumentals for all to see, hear and feel.

With nods to the likes of Holly Humberstone, Taylor Swift and Chelsea Cutler, the track has a sweet and tender dreamlike quality, carried along by raw, acoustic elements within a well-constructed instrumental from Hayden Lauersen. From its opening notes to the closing seconds, ‘Good Intent’ proves an incredibly visceral emotional overhaul, alongside a simply musically breathtaking journey where Wishart’s soaring vocals are undeniably vulnerable as they are self-assured.

Much like her previous releases, ‘Good Intent’ is an intimate upheaval with vivid lyrics dipping in and out of a sweet dreamscape as Wishart weaves a heartfelt tale of misunderstood intentions and communication breakdown across the three-minute track.

“I know that you won’t believe me, this was never my intention, coming off a little crazy, take me back to first impressions,” she sings with a dreamy, deeply heartfelt resonance.

“The inspiration behind this track lies in that feeling when you are left unable to control a false narrative about yourself. At the time, all I wanted to do was tell people that I did everything with good intent,” Wishart says.

“I think that broke my heart more than anything else: When all you want to do is help, whether it’s a friend or partner, then it all gets slapped in your face. It hurts. It makes you question your core values. Am I too much? Am I good enough?”

Imbuing a dreamy, rainy-day sense of intimacy and reflection, Wishart’s musical style has a captivating sincerity designed to both express emotion and develop a connection with every one of her listeners.

In ‘Good Intent’, Wishart delves into her own experiences, turning memories into vivid, compelling anecdotes. As Wishart candidly explains, ‘Good Intent’ came together over a key period of change in her life.

“‘Good Intent’ was such an interesting one to write. My co-writer Jessie and I started it at the end of 2021 but didn’t come to finish it till February 2022; by then, the story in my real life had changed drastically. This gap in time allowed for a song that reflected on the past and present. It’s neat to look back on now, as I think it changed the narrative in a way that worked perfectly.”

A lyrically forward artist, Wishart’s raw, acoustic beauty and masterful and emotional songwriting displayed across her three releases this year dives deeper and digs further than anything she’s ever done before, while at the same time, these songs are some of her most accessible and relatable.

“I think I was lost for a long time, trying to make music that was ‘popular’ then and becoming frustrated that it wasn’t quite right when I should have been making music that I enjoy and would listen to,” Wishart says of her new sound.

“It wasn’t until I let go of that mentality that I found my current sound and style. After ‘Good Intent’, I’ll still be bringing emotional storytelling into my songs, but I will also be infusing other music elements that I love. The next track has references to pop punk. Stay tuned!”

Like a breath of sweet fresh air, Wishart has been forging her path with music by her side since she was a child, though it wasn’t until high school that the singer-songwriter began expressing music of the heart.

“I’ve had music in my life since I was extremely little; whether that be giving my family impromptu living room performances with my Hi-5 guitar or musical theatre, I was there. I have always found it to have a unique calming effect, and it has gotten me through so many moments in my life,” she explains.

“Songwriting came a little later in my high school years as I became less afraid of expressing my emotions and vulnerabilities through lyrics. Now I would describe my music as Indie pop, taking inspiration from fellow singer-songwriters, including Holly Humberstone and Chelsea Cutler.”

A natural sonic poet and an exciting beam of light on indie pop music’s horizon, Nikki Wishart has outdone herself in every way, and doing it as a fully independent artist makes the entire endeavour all the more impressive – and she’s only just getting started.

“I would love to put out a body of work in 2023, but for now, I am focusing on releasing singles and building an audience that loves the same stuff that I do.”

An enchanting, raw and wondrous piece of art, full of radiant beats and Wishart’s golden vocals, ‘Good Intent’ truly sees Wishart expanding the scope of her artistry: Sonically, melodically and lyrically, ‘Good Intent’ radiates, well, intent catapulting us into a warm and welcome daydream.

Stream ‘Good Intent’ here and keep up with the latest from Nikki Wishart here.