SNL legend Jay Pharoah and Rhys James are coming to Melbourne

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SNL legend Jay Pharoah and Rhys James are coming to Melbourne

Words by Zachary Sanderson

The comedians are set to play shows all along the east coast of Australia this December.

As if Comedy Republic’s upcoming Comedyish Big Weekender festival wasn’t enough, long-time Saturday Night Live regular Jay Pharoah is coming to Melbourne this December, with two shows at The Comics Lounge.

The impressionist and comedian is revered by many for his brilliantly accurate impressions and is considered to be one of the greatest to ever join the team on Saturday Night Live. Also coming from overseas is the English comedian Rhys James, who’s performing in Melbourne on December 1.

Jay Pharoah, Rhys James tour

  • The two comedians are set to play The Comics Lounge in Melbourne
  • Jay Pharoah to do two shows on November 30 and December 1
  • Rhys James to perform December 1

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It’s Rhys James’s first time in Australia, and he’s bringing his brand-new show Spilt Milk. With his quick-witted synopsis on growing up and trying to ‘adult’, he’s considered one of the most promising up and coming comedians out of the UK. His intense and polite British-ness gives his shows a posh backdrop – a counter to what the verbal content of his shows are.

A true juxtaposition of British humour is the very American comedy styling coming to our shores. Pharoah is an established legend on Saturday Night Live, with his talent for impressions being out of this world. Describing the Australian accent as sounding like ‘Canadian geese’ and showing severe fear of some of Australia’s most terrifying wildlife, you can expect to have a laugh at yourself this December.

Even more comedy is expected to go ahead in the near future as well. With Jimmy O Yang coming in December, Jimmy Carr in February and Dylan Moran in April. Expect a massive few upcoming month of laughs.

For more information on shows and tickets, please visit here for Jay Pharoah and here for Rhys James.