The best date nights in Geelong that aren’t dinner and a movie

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The best date nights in Geelong that aren’t dinner and a movie

Words by Bethany Long

It’s time to shake up your dating life.

Although a classic first (or early) date idea, I never really got the appeal of the dinner and movie date that early in a relationship. I mean, why would I want to silently sit in a dark room with a stranger in an attempt to get to know them? The concept just always seemed odd to me. Plus, if they talk during the movie… well, let’s just say that’s not a good sign!

Whether you’ve been in your relationship for five years or five minutes, it’s always a good time to get out there and try something new and different.

So, here are some of our fave local date night ideas that aren’t dinner and a movie (or Netflix & chill!)

Curlewis Driving Range

Nothing sparks a little flirty chemistry like a bit of competition and the Curlewis Driving Range is perfect for that! Take it as seriously or as casually as you like – I’m terrible at it but on the rare occasion my golf ball does score some air time, I feel blissfully accomplished!

Just generally a chill day to relax, and have a nice, casual hang out with your significant other while hitting some golf balls and grabbing a beer and some food (recommend going for their Burger, Bev & Balls deal!)

The only way this isn’t a great date is if your date takes their golf a little too seriously. But luckily, there’s a solution for that! They also have a great mini golf course which is sure to be the perfect icebreaker and lighten up even the most serious of golf bros.

Drag & DJs at Recess Bar + Eats

I’ve written about Recess before and I’ll undoubtedly write about them again (way to mix it up Beth!) but they are just that good! And no, I’m definitely not being paid to say that!

This time I’m recommending the Drag & DJs night! Held every Friday and Saturday, this is the ultimate dinner and a show!

While Drag & DJs may not seem like the most obvious choice for a date night (girls’ night often springs to mind) it can be one of the most fun. A crowd-pleasing date, from the great food and drinks to the incredible atmosphere and incredibly talented entertainers, this will be a fabulous date night you won’t be soon to forget (unless you hit those cocktails a little too hard!).

Keep up with the latest food and booze news via our website.

Takeawei Pottery Class

Feeling in a bit of a rut both creatively and relationship-wise? Book in for a clay workshop at Takeawei (also known as Torquay Pottery)!

Not only is working with clay super fun, but you also get to make things that you can actually take home and keep! Nothing says productive like going on a date and coming home with matching handmade coffee mugs. And you’ll get to drink out of that every morning and think of the lovely little date you went on – how cute!

We all remember that iconic, saucy pottery wheel scene from Ghost which should and must serve as your inspo for the day – and if you don’t remember that scene for whatever reason make sure you and your date watch that the night before you go. There you go, I just planned two date nights in one!


Alright, now this is where things get a little unexpected. While most of us remember Rollerway for the classic 2000’s bangers hyped up on sugar at a primary school birthday party, but I’m here to tell you that for better or for worse nothing except the music has changed. Yes, it still has the iconic games. Yes, it still has semi-pro skaters who make you question the laws of physics. Yes, you will be absolutely drenched in sweat afterward, because while Rollerway has not changed, your fitness levels sure have!

If you’re wanting to reconnect with your inner child or wanting to experience a shared slice of childhood with someone special this is such a go-to. The nostalgia alone is fun enough but mixed in with the rising trend of rollerskating (come on, tell me you’ve seen those TikToks) Rollerway makes for an unconventional but fun date night.

Plus, once you and your date have found your feet, you can skate hand in hand like the little sweethearts you are!

Mystery Picnic from Amazing Co

Alright, I’ll be honest with you – I haven’t done this one yet. However, it is definitely on my list of dates to do soon. Why? Because I love a picnic. And I love solving puzzles. And this incredible date idea includes both!

Starting with only a picnic basket, “personally curated” clues will lead you on a hunt to pick up your pre-paid delicacies to pack your picnic. And after you’ve solved all the clues and collected all your deliciousness, you get to enjoy the picnic! I’m thinking/hoping it’ll be like an escape room, but rather than escape being the reward, a romantic picnic is! Sign me up!

You can read more about this one here.

Ghost tour at the Old Geelong Gaol

If your partner is the type to pop on a horror movie in the hopes you’ll get terrified and jump into their arms, this is the perfect way to raise the stakes. I love a ghost tour because I’m a firm believer that fear makes people show who they really are – are they the caring problem-solver who will get the spider out of the bathroom or are they the goofy type to tease you with it? And these are pretty critical things to know, especially in the early stages of dating.

Plus, if you’re a dark history buff like I low-key am, you’ll get to learn while you walk the same halls as 19th convicts, and uncover the intrigue behind one of the oldest buildings in town. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a ghost story, especially when you’re immersed in them?

Geelong Helicopters

Ever wanted to see our stunning town from up above? Then check out Geelong Helicopters, which is a super fun way to spend your day. They fly out of Geelong Waterfront, for that extra premium experience.

They’ve got a bevy of flight types, ranging from around 20 minutes, to a whopping hour and a half, where you’ll tour the marvellous 12 Apostles. And If you’re ever strapped for time but still feel like going on a helicopter ride for some reason, they’ve even got a 5 minute flight that still takes in some of Geelong’s most beautiful views.

As these different flights cater for all the different budgets and tastes, there’s scenic flights, private charters, even a photography flight for those who want to beef up their portfolios. A Geelong Helicopter Gift Certificate is also a great gift for those who are too hard to buy for.

Book in a flight here today.

Swim with the Dolphins

For those that love sea life, you’d be stoked to know you don’t need to travel far to fulfil your dream of swimming with the dolphins – plus it makes a wild impression! Located in Queenscliff, the award-winning Sea All Dolphin Swims is a family-owned business that offers a truly unique marine experience on Port Phillip Bay.

Where else can you snorkel with wild dolphins, seals and colourful reef fish all on one cruise?

An adventure for absolutely any kind of couple, you’ll get to swim with wild dolphins and seals and snorkel at the world-renown diving and snorkelling site Pope’s Eye marine park. It really is an amazing experience and we’re so lucky to have it right on our doorstep.

Find out more here.

A horror escape room at Containophobia

If you’re after something to get the adrenaline pumping Containophobia is the date for you.

Locked in a room with your beau, you’ll have 70 minutes of scrambling to solve elaborate puzzles, riddles and games. Mayhem Manor, a possessed mansion is the setting for the escape room. Trapped in a haunted mansion you must solve the puzzles, rescue your friend and escape in time (or risk being trapped forever, no biggie). The escape room is 18+ and is sure to get your heart pumping.

Containophobia is open 7 days from 9am til late. Head to the website here to book if you dare.

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