Sir & Lydia’s new single ‘Modesty’ is an empowering anthem sure to lift anyone’s spirits

Sir & Lydia’s new single ‘Modesty’ is an empowering anthem sure to lift anyone’s spirits

Photo by Maddie Wilson.

The Brisbane based duo comes through with their empowering new offering.

Earning themselves a solid reputation within the Brisbane music scene for their heartfelt, honest and affectionate brand of indie-folk over the past year, emerging indie-folk duo Sir & Lydia are back in full force revealing ‘Modesty’, their first single of 2020.

Spanning four minutes, ‘Modesty’ is a deep and rich track with a focus on lush, emotional vocals, as it rises and builds into an incredibly energising and empowering song. Melodic and musically rich, the track begins quite sparse with soft instrumentals and soothing, tender vocals before leading into a grandiose chorus of driving guitars, drums and soaring vocal harmonies, melding elements of indie-rock with dreamy folk.

Standing out for its lyrical prowess, the single evokes the vigorous feeling of claiming your independence, bringing colourful narratives about empowerment, self-belief and confidence to life through poignant and arresting lyrics (“I stand so tall, earned my place, broke the walls, there’s no room for modesty”).

“James and I wanted to write about a relatable issue and turn it on its head, so together we wrote ‘Modesty’ with the most powerful lyrics and instrumental stabs we could muster,” explains one half of the duo Mia Achurch-Guth.

“We’ve written a lot of ‘feelsy’ songs and our first EP was a real tug of the heartstrings. This song marks the beginning of a defiant, indie rock era for Sir & Lydia.”

With nods to the likes of Ainslie Wills, Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor and Carole King, the duo stirs the sonic melting pot of soft rock, folk, progressive rock, jazz and blues influences on their uplifting and anthemic single, all woven together with beautifully smooth production.

A testament to the duo’s growth over the past year, the heartfelt anthem follows a string of releases, including a debut EP, with the lead single ‘After All’ being well received by fans and industry alike, receiving praise from 4ZZZ, Emerge radio and Happy Mag while streaming to fans worldwide.

With the result of the effects of COVID-19, the duo entered an immensely creative period of writing and recording which will see Sir & Lydia embark on their next era of musical releases… And if this infectious and empowering slice of indie-rock is anything to go by, then Sir & Lydia are just everything we need to hear right now and well into the future.

Check out ‘Modesty’ below or stream on Spotify.