Shelley Segal: Strange Feeling

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Shelley Segal: Strange Feeling

Every now and then a musician comes along who just has it. They have the voice, the passion, the whole package. Shelley Segal certainly has it in leaps and bounds, though chances are you haven’t found that out just yet.
Before listening to her EP Strange Feeling I’ve got to admit I was in a similar position. But, awareness is bliss and this EP is truly beautiful. In opening track ‘Background Noises’ Shelley harmonises with herself to the backing of piano, strings and a steady beat. It’s the kind of anthemic classical feel that pulls at your emotions simply by being what it is.
Aside from the obvious charm in Shelley’s voice, there’s a beauty in the content she sings of as well. In ‘Side-lined’ she sings of the way we judge each other based on perceptions – something we’ve all been subject to. She makes many valid points, doesn’t tip tpoe around the subject but just sings it how it is: “Slaves to aesthetic this is the tune that we hum…can we remove the filter from over our hearts…If you’re not beautiful you’ll be sidelined”.
With so much passion and a clear drive for what’s right, it would be a shame to see someone with as much talent as Shelley Segal slip away. Make sure you pick up this EP, check her out on social media and support the little guys in the music world.
Out now via True Music
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring