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Experience Floyd

Known forever as one of the most progressive bands of all time, Pink Floyd brought a whole new element to live music performances, their shows became more of an ‘experience’ as opposed to just another gig. Combining special lighting and effects with their very distinct and unique sound, for many years the Floyd were the hottest ticket in town and fans couldn’t get enough. A group of exceptionally talented South Australian musicians decided to get together and re-create that experience to share with old fans and whole new generations alike.
Experience Floyd are an Adelaide based band who started out doing regular cover shows in various Adelaide venues, however the band grew far too big, as did the audience size, so they decided to take it up a notch and make it professional. I spoke with the bands bassist, Mark Doyle, who was busy preparing for their very first trip to Victoria as a band.
“It will be our first trip there with the current line up. The current line up we have has been solid now for almost two years, we moved a few people around because it just wasn’t working – like all bands until you find the right mix.” he says.
“We bring the full Pink Floyd lighting show, we leave no stone unturned in terms of the authenticity of the music.”
I joke that if he is the bassist in the band does that make him Roger? He bursts into a fit of laughter, “Well kind of, nobody really looks like anyone from the band, except the lead singer. When we come to Victoria, we will actually be an 11-piece band, that is what it takes for us to reproduce this music live.”
The original Pink Floyd, as many would know, consisted of Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Right. Experience Floyd do not just accurately replicate the sound, but also want to make the performance as visually stimulating as the original Pink Floyd shows.
“We’ve got a lighting production team behind us, who are actually the same company who toured with Floyd when they were here many moons ago. So we have a big full light circle, the whole Floyd set up – or as close as we can get to it.”
Experience Floyd have shows coming up in Mildura, Ballarat and Bendigo, with Bendigo being a big show for the band as it is Mark’s hometown.
“This show is a really big deal to me, to come home to play. Believe it or not a whole bunch of my school mates are actually going to do a reunion at the show depending on who can get there for the gig. We will actually be using my old primary school for the choir on stage, that’ll be Cal Gully [California Gully] Primary School, joining us for one of the songs,” he says.
I think we can all guess which song that will be for. This is actually something the band do at all of their shows, they involve a local primary school and give the kids a chance to feel like rock stars for a few moments. Something to remember forever while educating them on the sounds of Floyd.
The show has been really, really well received in the other theatres that they’ve played at and following their Victorian appearances, they are looking to book more shows nationally and are even aspiring to take the show international and head to Europe and the US.
When & Where: The Capital, Bendigo – July 3 & Her Majesty’s Theatre, Ballarat – July 4
Written by Abbey King