Shannon Pizza's monthly creation is hot… damn hot.

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Shannon Pizza's monthly creation is hot… damn hot.

If things like Habenero, Ghost, Scorpion and the like raise your interest, maybe you should get your butt down to Shannon Pizza in Geelong West and get some Grim into you! Your butt won’t thank you for it, but if you love a challenge, I dare you to take it on the Reaper (aka GRIM).
Grim is not for the faint-hearted, but is a must for those that like to test themselves with spicy food. With Carolina Reaper (commonly known as the hottest edible Chilli) in powder and flake form, a Sriracha sauce base, cheese, salami, oregano, onion, jalapeno, capsicum and garlic, I must say it got the old taste buds scrambling for cover.
I shared this beast with three of my mates. They stopped at one piece and I took on two pieces of the volcanic tongue destroyer. I can’t say I ate this pizza to enjoy the flavour, but to take on the heat. I must say, the next day – with a bit of extra cheese, and a reheat in the oven – it was more manageable, and borderline enjoyable… until I went to the toilet.
Go on, don’t be scared! Go ask Anthony and the team to fire up your night!
Where: 146 Shannon St, Geelong West
When: 5-9pm every day except Tuesdays
Phone: 5229 6169

Written by Glenn Lynch