Seth Sentry

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Seth Sentry

From the moment that Seth Sentry dropped The Waiter Minute EP back in 2008, there was never any doubt that he would rise to the forefront of the Australian hip hop Scene. Over the past eight years Sentry has released two full length albums, both to critical acclaim, and toured extensively, even breaking the record for the largest ever rap/hip-hop tour in Australia with a whopping 50 national tour that was played out last year.

His most recent release Strange New Pasts is a very therapeutic release for Sentry who thoughtfully touches on personal experiences whilst effortlessly flowing through the course of the album. Sentry seamlessly reflects on personal issues such as the estrangement of his father, the delinquency of his youth and even in track ‘Dumb’ his experience with masturbation injury the “Honolulu Sunburn’. Sentry really opens up throughout the release whilst kickin’ the rap back to the old school roots of the ’90s.

“The whole thing that we wanted to do with this album is not really focus too much on singles or try to craft a pop album. We really just wanted to make just a dope rap album. That was really the whole plan. When I had my first meeting with the producer, Styalz Fuego, I was like ‘I just want to rap dope on this album’. I wanted it to feel like albums did in the mid to late ’90s in hip hop where it was really just about the rap,” Sentry says.

And the finished product is exactly that, scoring the artist an Aria in 2015 for Best Urban Release. And having such a reward for Sentry, particularly as a rapper, is a surreal experience.

“Rap is just something that I did for fun. It was something that I had a passion for and enjoyed – it was never really seen as a viable option for a career or certainly not to receive any accolades. I guess it shows how far rap’s come, it’s dope,” he says.

However no matter what accolades Sentry receives he remains very humble. “I still get tripped out that songs I have made up in my little head when I am in my own lounge room are being sung back to me when I may be playing a show in a town I have never even been to. The way [fans] all identify with it is still such a trip to me.”

Sentry is about to embark on the 17-date ‘1969’ tour bringing along friend Remi for the supporting slot, making their way through all major cities whilst getting down to a few lucky regional towns. Sentry was buzzing with excitement for the tour, which has just kicked off.

“It’s only 17 shows all up this time so compared to the 50 plus tour that we did last time this is a walk in the park,” he laughed before continuing. “It’s good going to places that maybe don’t get a lot of live music. I grew up in a small town and we didn’t really get a lot of access to live music and I feel like I missed out on a lot, a lot of us did. So I think it’s nice to bring it to the people, I think it’s important.”

Written by Alex Callan

When & Where: 170 Russell, Melbourne – July 8 & the Wool Exchange, Geelong – July 9