Seeing Eye Dogs Australia is looking for puppy carers in Geelong and the Bellarine

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia is looking for puppy carers in Geelong and the Bellarine

The organisation is looking for responsible dog lovers in the region.

Alright dog lovers, it’s your time to shine.

If you A, live in a dog-friendly house in the Geelong region; B, have some spare time on your hands, and C, absolutely love dogs; then becoming a puppy carer could be just the things to make 2021 your year.

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (the not-for-profit organisation that provides services for those within the blind and low vision community) is currently seeking a number of carers to look after adorable puppies.

The key takeaways

  • Seeing Eye Dogs Australia are looking for puppy carers in Geelong
  • The organisation will cover all equipment, food and health care costs
  • Applications are open now

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Alongside providing a home and generally looking after a seeing-eye dog puppy, a carers duty will also be to socialise the puppy as well as teach them basic skills like toilet training, to sit and walk on a lead without pulling. The most important part of your job as a carer though is to introduce the sights, sounds and smells it will meet when it starts actively working as a seeing eye dog.

It probably goes without saying, but a fenced-in backyard is mandatory to do this job, and you’ll need to be available for regular visits.

Puppies will stay with carers for about a year, from around eight weeks old to when it hits somewhere between 12 and 15 months old. Yes, we’re sorry, you will have to give the little doggo back to Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, where they will go on to become companions for people who are blind or have low vision.

All equipment, food, dog health care, vet costs and training will be covered by Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, and you’ll be given support and guidance from their seeing-eye dogs team the entire time.

It will only cost you your time (you can’t leave the puppy alone for more than three hours a day) and endless amounts of affection for the little puppers.

You can sign up for an online information session and then apply to become a puppy carer here. The puppers need you.