Scattered Order to Play the Eastern

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Scattered Order to Play the Eastern

Boxing Day – Surry Hills, Sydney, 1979. Post­Christmas turns to post­punk as musician Michael Tee and sound engineer Mitch Jones form Scattered Order. Prior to that Tee and Jones were musical collaborators with The Barons, who would release a self­titled EP to “outstanding indifference” in 1979. But what do people know, right?

Simon Vidale of The Numbers was brought in to provide drums and a tiny terrace house on Wilshire Street in Surry Hills became their musical home. There is a long but interesting biography on the band’s website which we would love to include but as space is limited we’ll jump ahead to 2002 when the band went on what they called an unintentional hiatus. (You should give it a read, though.)

A few years later, in 2007, a Scattered Order track founds its way onto Chapter Music’s ‘Can’t Stop It 2’ compilation. The band still had a pulse. Some Men Remember Music is their new release. From the band: “Creepy soundscape country or a foreign diplomat’s idea of a condemned retreat. The album offers an in­depth look at the crack in the glass of self-reflection.”

The Eastern, Ballarat – February 27. Forklift Driver and Hipster Kill Team will support.