Say cheers to Christmas with KAIJU!

Say cheers to Christmas with KAIJU!

One for the beer lovers.

If you’re looking for a fail-safe gift for the beer-lover in your life this Christmas, the legends over at KAIJU! Have you sorted with their groovy little ‘cheers pack’, boasting a rad mix of four of their best brews.

In case you’re late to the party, KAIJU! is a range of hand-crafted boutique beer of uncompromising taste and quality from the Dandenongs. With an incredibly extensive range of brews to keep any craft-beer cravings at bay, what is most eye-catching about the products from South East Brewing Company is their use of vibrant colours and unique label designs (from graphic designer Mikey Burton), which is a direct reflection of the name KAIJU!, a Japanese word that means “strange creature.

Devastatingly good Victorian beer, outrageously cool designs – what more could you want for Christmas?

So, what’s in the cheers pack?

KAIJU! Krush Tropical Pale Ale

Our favourite of the bunch, Kaiju Krush Tropical Pale Ale has a super-clean malt profile that allows the shipload of juicy tropical fruit flavours to arrive on the desert island of your palate unhindered. Fresh and moreish. A perfect summer beer.

Metamorphosis IPA

Metamorphosis is a West Coast American IPA with a slight English twist. Brewer Nat Reeves wanted to beef up the hop intensity while maintaining balance in this beer, so he looked to the slightly sweeter, darker malt profiles of the English IPAs. The result is this bitter and beautifully-balanced IPA.

Aftermath Double IPA

This beer is one of the biggest hop explosions you’ll find. Ludicrous amounts of dank, piney, caramelised orange and bright citrus aromas lead to a pallet that is almost impossibly well-balanced given the huge bitterness. The sheer weight of hops and malt extends the bitterness fully from the front to the back of the palate, finishing hugely long and satisfying.

Main Squeeze Passion Guava Session Ale

Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t have a big impact. A refined malt profile complimented by a bright fruit bomb of passionfruit and guava give this mid-strength the kind of full taste and aroma you can go back to. Kind of like your main squeeze… cute right?

With the summer at our doorstep, it’s the perfect time to get to know some great Victorian beer to see you through – and who doesn’t love getting free beer for Christmas!? Thank us later.

You can purchase the KAIJU! Cheers Pack from Liquorland for just $18.