Bottoms up, a cocktail box delivery service and mobile bar has rolled into Geelong

Bottoms up, a cocktail box delivery service and mobile bar has rolled into Geelong

Meet The Cocktail Cart.

These days you can order just about anything to your front door in Geelong, from delicious Boss Burger, candles from The Scent Lab and a new dress from Own Kind, the list goes on.

But in recent times we’ve really hit the big time, with the arrival of The Cocktail Cart, a brand-new alcohol delivery service.

Founded by Geelong born and bred Alistair Bullock, The Cocktail Cart is the next best thing to having a live-in bartender, curating DIY cocktail kits with all of the ingredients to make recipes, developed by Alistair himself.

Spawned following a few months of isolation and a town’s insatiable desire for expertly-crafted cocktails in their own homes, The Cocktail Cart is the 23-year-olds first business venture, enlivened by his previous experience in the industry.

“Before COVID I’d been thinking about starting a business of my own for a while – I really wanted a new challenge. The pandemic gave me the time to really commit and bring everything together. I purchased the business name at the start of the first lockdown and went to work researching and planning how I could bring this idea to life,” Alistair says.

“I love cocktails and thrive on creativity in formulating different ideas and recipes. I’ve previously worked as a mixologist in Queenstown, New Zealand and also in Byron Bay a couple of years back. These opportunities gave me the skills, passion, and inspiration to make quality cocktails.”

The hero to your future boozy brunches and Saturday nights in, you can currently order the classics like the Cosmopolitan or Espresso Martini, and new drinks like the Ginger Yuzu and Spice It Up.

Designed to serve six people, each box comes with Australian ingredients required to make your chosen cocktail. You’ll find alcohol and liqueur, sugar syrups, fruit, mixers, cold brew coffee (for espresso martini), garnishes, a 15/30ml Japanese jigger and, of course, a recipe card.

All you’ll need are things like cocktail shakers, strainers, glasses, ice, and a citrus juicer to expertly create your cocktails. If you don’t happen to have the items and don’t feel the need to invest, the team have even prepared a piece on everyday items you can use instead. How good’s that?!

The boxes are delivered every Thursday for $5, just in time for the weekend, or free local pick up can be arranged. And better still, they deliver to the entire Geelong region – from River to Batesford to Queenscliff to Anglesea and anywhere in between.


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While the cocktails are delicious on their own, the real sweetener with The Cocktail Cart is their commitment to environmental sustainability, with sustainable packaging and their ‘Cocktails For Trees’ program where the team will be planting one tree for every cocktail box sold.

The idea is to plant the trees at the You Yangs regional park near Lara two or three times a year in conjunction with local park rangers when conditions are ideal.

“Our Cocktails For Trees initiative was inspired by my mum, Jan, and her passion for environmental causes. She’s an avid tree planter, always organising planting at Serendip Sanctuary in Lara, among many other places across the Geelong region. Growing up with sustainability at the forefront, I really wanted to bring this thinking into my business and use The Cocktail Cart as a platform to contribute back to the environment,” Alistair says.

“We’re also trying our best to reduce our impact on the environment in a couple of other ways! All of our packagings are either recyclable or compostable, with no plastic used. We also have a recycling program in place for customers within the Geelong region – customers can keep their used cocktail box with all components, and upon delivery of their next box we’ll collect the old. This allows us to re-use a lot of items such as syrup bottles, ultimately reducing the amount of waste.

“Customers who utilise this service will get free delivery and $5 off their new box.”

While the cocktail boxes are enough to pique one’s interest, the business is also expanding into being a charming, wandering watering hole with a mobile cocktail bar.

Offering a mobile bar service specialising in signature and classic cocktails, this travelling bar promises to be the perfect addition to any wedding, engagement party, corporate event, christening, birthday, and any other event you may require a delicious beverage. And the best bit? It’s free to hire until mid-2021.

“We’re passionate about bringing amazing cocktails to anyone in any location, so we decided to create our very own mobile cocktail bar for gatherings or events. The host can choose five cocktails from our menu which will be priced at $13 per cocktail.

“While we’re starting out were not charging any bar hire fees up until the end of May, so customers can essentially hire the bar for free! Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been running trial events with a lot of success. We’re taking bookings from February 2021 and we’re really excited to see where this takes us.”


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Home delivered cocktail kits and a travelling cocktail bar? We kind of think we’re in love you, The Cocktail Cart.

To order your cocktail box or for more information, visit the website. If you’re keen to book their mobile bar, they’ll be taking booking from February 1 2021.