Saavan share their top five Aussie artists

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Saavan share their top five Aussie artists

French duo Saavan have recently dropped their poignant sophomore EP ‘Observatory’ – a five-track journey of brooding electronica, filled to the brim with expansive soundscapes.written and produced by the band themselves.

To celebrate, Saavan have sat down with Forte and shared their top five Aussie artists!

Bootleg Rascal
Being a big fan of this Australian rock-wave, melting together ska, reggae, and rock influences, I’m digging the vibe found in Bootleg Rascal’s sound. Looking forward to see what they’ll put out in the future, and if they continue to be more and more unique.

Rainbow Chan
I’m always searching for weird, and complex ambiances in music. Something you can’t qualify as sad or happy but that is a mix of different states of mind. I kind of get this feeling with Rainbow Chan, that I’m diving into someone’s mind, or someone’s daydream, which is nice.

Now this is a cool thing to listen to during a lazy Sunday. It just puts you in the chillest mood. I love how it sounds super clean and bedroom-produced at the same time. I think that’s why it gives this warm sound-blanket feeling.

I love his recent work. It’s a mix of both minimalism and complexity that I like. Production really is on point, sounds like he’s trying to get the most out of the less by using every element to the fullest.

Sam Phay
Really digging his voice. The atmospheres in his tracks are pretty neat too. Same as the first one of this list, looking forward to see which direction he’ll take in the future.

‘Observatory’ is available worldwide now