Ryan Edmond drops his compelling debut single ‘From The Start’

Ryan Edmond drops his compelling debut single ‘From The Start’

Australian-born Sweden-based indie-roots artist Ryan Edmond is set to release his compelling debut single ‘From The Start’ – produced by Craig Harnath (Motor Ace, Jet, Bodyjar) and Jez Giddings (Paul Dempsey, The Living End, Ash Grunwald) at Hot House Studios, Melbourne.

‘From The Start’ is a swooning and infectious indie-pop track that combines deft percussion, syncopated melodic bass with intricate and reggae-inspired guitars. Subtle brooding horns intertwine and wrap around the instrumental arrangement as Edmond’s endearing vocals hover elegantly above, with his gorgeous and mesmerising falsetto.

“’From the Start’ is about life, friendships and relationships slipping away over time. It’s serves as a reminder to find the time to maintain those relationships and be careful not to lose yourself in this fast-paced world of too much working and not enough living,” he says of the track. Check it out below.

Edmond is a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter who hails from the small town of Rockingham, Western Australia. As a cornet player, he has performed with various acclaimed bands and artists, however in the last few years has begun writing, singing and touring under his own name.

To celebrate the track, Edmond sat down with Forte and revealed his top five movie soundtracks!

Brassed Off
Number one would have to be the sound track from the movie Brassed Off. I remember watching this movie on repeat at my Grandparents place as a child and especially loved the song ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’. The Flugelhorn solo in this song gives me goosebumps every time, it is such a beautiful song! This also ended up being the song that was played at my Grandfathers funeral, so it’s very close to everyone in my family.

Castles In The Sky
Number two is a surf movie soundtrack by Taylor Steele, the movie is called ‘Castles In The Sky’ and every song is amazing. Featuring artists such as Fleet Foxes and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, all the songs flow so well through the surf movie, instantly making you want to pack your bags and head off to go on your own adventure!

8 Mile
When I think of ‘movie soundtracks’ one of the first things that comes to my mind is the classic Eminem movie 8 Mile! When the movie first came out, I was deep into a gangsta rap stage, although I still love hip hop I don’t think that CD left my Walkman for months haha! (Oh the days before iPods!

Saturday Night Fever
This is maybe not my favourite genre of music, although who doesn’t love a good disco tune! At the front of my local record store, they have boxes filled with discounted records. Every now and then I will rummage through and try to find some gold. One afternoon my girlfriend was with me looking through the records and forced me to buy the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack record. I will never regret it, as it has some absolute hits that will go down a treat at any party!

My Dad is Scottish and when my brothers and I were kids, this was one of our favourite movies. The music in this the movie is so powerful! I remember waking up in the middle of a flight to Sweden with my heart racing because my phone was on shuffle, mainly chilled songs playing, and all of a sudden, the Braveheart war song came on. The intense strings, and massive drum hits almost sent me through the roof haha!

‘From The Start’ is available worldwide now.