Eaglemont has shared the perfect on road playlist

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Eaglemont has shared the perfect on road playlist

In case you missed it, Eaglemont dropped her new single ‘Hound’ last month.

Don’t know her? Well, buckle up and pull out your Spotify! Eaglemont is a jangly rock project, the brainchild of Brigette Jessop. You might have heard of her last release, debut 7″ Mediocre at Best/Uppercut that launched to two sold-out shows at the Gaso.

Her new track ‘Hound’ reflects on mental health and the desire to protect your loved ones from your shortcomings. Brandishing a velvety tone with crashing drum beats, Jessop’s distinct vocals are reminiscent of an androgynous tone. With music and lyrics written by Eaglemont herself, the compelling lyrics remind us all to respect that everyone has their own race to run.

You can listen to it here.

To celebrate the track, we sat down with Eaglemont and she’s narrowed down the perfect on the road playlist track by track.

Pink Rabbits – The National
The National are a staple band in my playlists. “Trouble Will Find me” Is one of my favorite albums of all time and a lot of the rhythmic concepts from the record played a part in the inspiration for my new song ‘Hound’. Also it’s a sad banger and we love a sad banger.

Viv in the front seat – Ceres
Ceres, the reason I’m on the road at all. The new album is truly penultimate with Viv being the track that started it all. The song lamentingly sends a punch to the gut with an overarching positive atmosphere that explodes into my favorite part, that guitar solo at 2:17. The song makes my heart swell every time I hear it, plus Viv reminds me of the privilege of touring and how I’m literally living my dream, anyway moving on.

I Want to Live with you -Alex Lahey
I first saw AL play a few years ago, I was still playing an acoustic guitar at the time so that horse got shot in the face (excuse the expression) pretty quickly after seeing her shred. Her 2017 record ‘I Love You Like A Brother’ was a total game changer, a taste breaker for Eaglemont and basically made me want to transition from home brand Missy Higgins into the mustang toting Eaglemont of today. “I Want To Live With You” is my favourite song off her new record, ‘The Best Of Luck Club’.

Labrador – WAAX
Compulsory pre-show listening. WAAX provide the perfect pumped up badass cut that gets you in the mindset to go on stage. Aside from the adrenaline filled, guitar laden instrumental side of the song being an influence, lyrically the openness and candidness is a real inspiration to me as a songwriter and a reminder to keep things raw.

Pristine – Snail Mail
Lush by Snail Mail is tied as my favourite record of 2018 with Stranger in the Alps by Phoebe Bridgers. The way she manifests her own moody, disenfranchised world and expresses her discontentment within those 10 songs yet the production and arrangement is so clean and crisp, like every note is there for a reason is the most amazing dichotomy. ‘I won’t love anyone else.’
Far out.

Me & My Dog – Boy Genius
Hands down best modern day super group/boy band. Have a weep looking out a plane window pretending you’re in a music video. Do it.

Everybody Here Hates you – Courtney Barnett
The undisputed queen of indie rock in my eyes. Everything from “A Sea Of Split Peas” to her new single “Everybody Here Hates You,” everything Courtney releases is pure relatable gold. This tune is so snarlingly sarcastic and self aware, along with the references to local landmarks we share “I go to loving hut, I get my hair cut, I feel the same.” I was sitting in a park having a cry (as I often do) when I first heard this song and felt instantly understood.

Nineteen – Tegan and Sara
Total disclosure, my girlfriend is the biggest Tegan and Sara fan (maybe second to Stacey, Ceres newest band member) so the natural progression of my on the road discography turned to the Queer icons on the long drive from Melbourne to Adelaide. Working through The Con all the way up to their newer releases Tegan and Sara’s ability to consistently reinvent themselves and expand their musicality but remain relatable is nothing short of groundbreaking. Call me a stan.

I Won’t Back Down– Tom Petty
Is there a better soundtrack for fanging down the Hume than Tom Petty? I think not. The driving rhythm, the guitars, the vocals and my personal favourite a bit of slide lead guitar solo. Country rock forever!

Fucked up over you – RO
The total privilege of hearing Ro’s set every night of the tour cannot be understated. Fucked Up over you is nothing short of an anthem, sweetly twisting and turning and inviting you into its clutches before the motif is revealed, cutting you like a knife. The line “every root you get is growing through the floorboards in your bedroom” gets me every time it’s so dang clever. I hope everyone’s wig is ready to be snatched over new material though, Ro is a total powerhouse.

Hound – Eaglemont
Shameless self promo. Tell me what you think.

She’s supporting BATTS Friday June 28 at Howler in Melbourne and Porpoise Spit at The Eastern in Ballarat on Thursday, July 11.