Rosetta: Utopioid

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Rosetta: Utopioid

Post metal Rosetta are back with their sixth album and true to form, Utopioid is another dynamic journey through time and space, highs and lows, lulls of hypnotic trances and towering walls of sound. Apparently, these guys have been quoted as humorously referring to their music as “metal for astronauts” and there is definitely something in the music these space-cadets create.

Utopioid is a journey that commences with ‘Amnion’, a soft beginning before burning the thrusters with the mighty and catchy ‘Intrapartum’, and from there the ship hurtles forth into space and then hangs and floats about with the likes of ‘Hypnagogic’ before settling and ending the journey with the likes of ‘Intramortem’. A lot of parts to this album have me visualising scenes from the film Interstellar.

This album requires a lot of attention and it easily holds attention but there simply aren’t enough climaxes throughout the album to maximise the musical variety these guys are capable of which then reduces the solid re-playability Utopioid is going for. Stand out metal track is ‘Qoholet’.


Reviewed by Paul S Taylor