Rock of Ages with Ballarat Lyric Theatre’s Robert Thurman

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Rock of Ages with Ballarat Lyric Theatre’s Robert Thurman

Hi Rob, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte, you’re days out from the first Rock of Ages show, how have rehearsals been going? 

Rehearsals have been going remarkably smoothly. The cast have worked really hard. They are young, enthusiastic and passionate about musical theatre. Four of the cast have been accepted into Ballarat Academy of Performing Arts [Federation University] for 2016, which shows  the depth of talent in our cast.

For those who aren’t familiar with the show, how would you describe it in one sentence? 

Rock of Ages is replete with wild slashing guitars of glam ’80s rock, pyrotechnic displays and lots of scantily-clad girls.

It is a classic tale (at least of the rock and roll scene) what was the catalyst behind choosing the show?

Lyric wanted to do something that hadn’t been done by an amateur company before and Ballarat Lyric Theatre is well-known for producing high-quality musical theatre. Our production of Phantom of the Opera was highly acclaimed in 2014. Lyric’s production of Rock of Ages is the only amateur production to be produced in Victoria and New South Wales this year. No wonder we are excited!!!

Will there be any other changes in the Ballarat Lyric Theatre’s version?

Yes, surprises everywhere!!!! The costumes are amazing and the band is out-of-sight. The static set is a great show-piece, looking very much like an ’80s bar on Sunset Strip.

With this show there’s also the option to have a dinner and a show package with Suttons Music, what made you decide to do it?

The dinner-show package offers our audience another option for their evening out. What better excuse to get for a great evening?

The cast is made up of quite a lot of young emerging stars, is there anyone we should pay particular attention to? 

Absolutely! Erin Shay as Sheree, Josh McGuane as Drew and Keith McNamara as Lonnie are standouts. However the rest of the cast are full of surprises and deserve recognition for their hard work too.

Is this one just for the music lovers? 

No! No! No!  It is for everyone who wants the chance to escape from their everyday lifestyle and enjoy a return to a wonderful era of ’80s rock. The storyline is an electric mix of love, music and dance in turbulent times. It’s the base of every good musical.

Thanks again for having the chat, is there anything else you’d like to add before we finish up?

Before the show opens each night our Rock of Ages patrons have the rare opportunity to enjoy a drink onstage with the rocking band and revel in the elegant new seating and refurbished auditorium of Her Majesty’s Theatre.

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When & Where: Her Majesty’s Theatre, Ballarat – March 3-13