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There’s no doubt that Psycroptic have a love for what they do, whilst also having a little love for Tassie devils. We had a chat with Dave Haley ahead of the band’s Ballarat show on March 12.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, what’s been going on?
It’s been pretty busy lately! We had a busy 2015 with a lot of touring, and finished it off with a US tour that finished late November. We started off 2016 by playing Brisbane, Hobart and Launceston and are getting ready to head out for five weeks in Europe starting late March. So, a lot has been going on haha!

Your new album was recorded over two different sessions, was that something that was pre-planned before the recording process?
Not at all…we recorded a bunch of ideas and they just turned into full album tracks rather than demos as they turned out so well. So we recorded two of the songs in one session, and the rest of the album in a second session. It’s not the usual way we like to do things but trying out new stuff is always good, right?

The album cover is truly incredible for that release as well, who was responsible for the design of that one and did you guys have much input?

It was created by Metastasis – a designer in France. He is an amazing artist and produces some really killer stuff. We just [sent] him some loose ideas, but he actually had the final say – which is cool. We work with people for their talents, so we’d rather let them be creative without us looking over their shoulders and trying to micromanage the project.

It was great to see you guys recently raise $3,000 for a friend recovering from a car accident, did you know as soon as that happened you wanted to help out in that way? 
Well, not really as we were in a state of shock, you know? When something horrible like that happens, you aren’t really thinking of what you can do as a band or anything like that. It was probably about a month or so after it happened we decided that we should do something to help…but it took about another 9 months to schedule it in and make it happen properly. At the end of the day it’s the very least we could do to help someone who is a close friend of ours.

We recently read an article by the Wall Street Journal on metal music and that those with disposable incomes are starting metal bands, taking away from the past “disenfranchised” feel of the genre. There have been whispers people think metal music may one day become a “high brow” art form, do you think this will ever be the case? What are your thoughts on the increasing global love for the genre? 
Metal music has always been on the ‘fringes’ of music, but have always had a very supportive and loyal following from fans. The fans know the importance of supporting their favourite artists by buying merch, still buying CDs, etc – generally paying and being supportive of the art form. This in turn I feel ‘grounds’ the bands/artists somewhat and keeps them in touch with their roots; knowing where they came from. So even if there is increasing interest from a ‘newer’ fan base, I feel the core support that has always been there will remain. Of course any new fans coming into the genre are welcomed with open arms…but the love and support has always been there and I think it will always remain.

For those who haven’t seen you play before what can they expect from a Psycroptic show?
We try to perform the songs as faithfully to the original recordings as possible, while adding more aggression and passion live. We love what we do, and feel privileged to be able to do it…so performing for us is very special. We give as much as we can on stage, and are all completely exhausted when we are finished.

How’s Psycro the Tassie Devil these days?
I believe he is doing well! For people that are unaware, Psycroptic sponsored a Tasmanian Devil to cover living costs for a year – as a prevention from the terrible disease that is killing off much of the population.

Thanks again for the chat guys, any words of wisdom for our readers before you go?
Please come down to our show in Ballarat, we’d love to see new and old faces there!

When & Where: Karova Lounge, Ballarat – March 12