Review: The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s celebration of Frozen brought goosebumps, tears, and laughter

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Review: The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s celebration of Frozen brought goosebumps, tears, and laughter

Words by Chloe Waddell

Ten years since 'Let It Go' became a household hit, Disney’s Frozen has been successfully reinvigorated by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. 

It would be hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of Frozen. With its characters celebrated on lunchboxes, the soundtrack taking residency in the charts, and the film being watched on repeat in households worldwide over the past decade, Frozen is a familiar comfort.

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Frozen in Concert succeeded in taking a familiar story, and offering a new and novel experience. 

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In this performance, the Frozen movie was played on the big screen, while the orchestra and choir provided live music and vocals on the stage below. Frozen Heart, the number in the film’s opening scene, was goosebump inducing, setting the tone for the two-hour performance ahead. The choir was powerful, and it was spectacular to see the orchestra on stage.

Conducted by Jessica Gethin, the two exclusive performances brought a wave of emotions to those in the audience. Looking around, adults were brought to tears by the musically immersive experience, the crowd joined in collective laughter at the movie’s comedic lines, and applause filled the centre at the end of each number (and at the film’s pinnacle moments). The movie had subtitles, aiding accessibility and making singing along, which was encouraged, an easy feat. 

There were plenty of young Elsas and Annas roaming the Plenary at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre this weekend, with their glittery trains, shining tiaras and twirling princess dresses. Toward the end of the screening, while the MSO performed the score accompanying the film credits, the young in the crowd made their way to the front of the theatre to dance their hearts out. It was a wonderful opportunity for young children to be exposed to orchestral music and new instruments.  

Not only a show appealing to children, there were also many excited adults ready to soak up the live orchestral score and Disney storyline. A range of photo booths also drew long lines, which were set up in the foyer as a popular way to capture the excitement.

This year marks the celebration of 100 years of Disney, and the MSO’s Frozen in Concert added a rich and new experience to this. 

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