Renee Geyer

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Renee Geyer

Renee Geyer has over the past three decades become one of the most acclaimed and loved Australian singers of all time. Leaving home at the age of 16, music was always a big part of Geyer’s life. Reminiscing about the early formative years of her singing career, Geyer remembers listening to the transistor radio under her pillow which helped her discover rock and roll and start her own journey into the music industry.
“I left home from an early age and drifted into my own musical pathway. I think that at that early time, it was all about listening to the radio and figuring out which songs you liked and which song affects you. Whether that is swing or pop or jazz or blues, it has to speak to you and I found that one thing led to another and it would be a natural discovery between genres, artists and albums,” she says.
After some time off from performing, Geyer is returning to the stage, energised and ready to go. One of the first gigs for 2016 and something that Geyer is incredibly excited about is the Music To A Tee event that is to be held at the 13th Beach Golf Links in Barwon Heads. “I’m really excited about the opportunity to get back down that way to play again. As you would imagine, there is a big surfing community down there, and so everyone should come down and say hello.”
Without a doubt one of the most exciting opportunities that Geyer was fortunate to be involved with, came whilst she was living in the US – a home away from home for the singer. Providing backing vocals as a session musician, Geyer was lucky enough to work alongside Sting, Toni Childs and Joe Cocker, which to anyone would be a complete pinch yourself moment and something that you never forget.
“That came about from when I was living in America and I have been back and forth many times over the years since the ’80s,” Geyer says.
“Over the time that Joe and I were friends, we played many gigs together and I sang a few tracks and I did backing vocals on a couple of his albums. He was an amazing man and an incredible performer. The US is a tremendous place to perform and there are so many venues and chances to get out on the stage and sing. I just love being able to perform in front of a crowd.”
Like many other contemporaries before her, Geyer is currently in the process of piecing together a blues and roots album that will hopefully see the light of day in 2016 sometime. 2015 has seen her cover local Irish singer songwriter Gallie’s track ‘Has Anyone Seen My Baby’.
“I really love Gallie’s work, earlier I touched upon being able to hear songs that touch you, and that song really resonated with me. It’s delicate and his vocal has such soul to it. It was a really enjoyable song to try and make my own,” she says.
Many years on the road touring all over the world, the next release for Geyer is highly anticipated and it will be great to hear what the album sounds like. If you are looking for something to do in January, make sure you hit up the Music To A Tee lineup in January because alongside Renee Geyer there is a stack of other artists playing at the 100 Hole Hike on January 22.
Written by Tex Miller
When & Where: 13rg Beach Golf Links, Barwon Heads – January 8