2015 Round Up: Amanda Sherring, editor

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2015 Round Up: Amanda Sherring, editor

Best album of 2015: It’s definitely a tie between Holy Holy’s When the Storms Would Come and Little May’s For the Company.
Best film of 2015: Trainwreck hands down. Amy is a testament that women are fucking funny too.
Most memorable dish you ate: I do recall a pretty life-changing burger from Daily Food Co. I think it was American cheeseburger style?
Something new you tried: Guinea Pig in Peru. It’d be a stretch to say it tasted like chicken.
Tool of the year (celebrity/politician etc): Donald Trump. He’s scraped in by a mere few weeks but he is certainly deserving.
Defining moment of 2015: The shootings in Paris, a place where violence is rarely associated. This one hit even closer to home with one of the main shootings happening at a music gig.
Best live gig: The Preatures at the Barwon Club. Issi is a rock goddess on stage.
2015 has been… a long year that went super fast and was full of contradictions.