Remedy Kombucha is delicious and nutritious‎

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Remedy Kombucha is delicious and nutritious‎

For all the health nuts and super food followers out there, kombucha is hardly a new idea. Over the recent years the drink has flourished, from being sold in specialty stores to gyms and finally to big supermarkets. Kombucha is a drink that has been made around the world for thousands of years, and considering it’s a healthy alternative to soft drinks, with a range of flavours and sweet and sour tastes, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.
Remedy Kombucha is Australia’s most loved and most delicious kombucha, which, as well as being delicious, helps improve gut health and general well-being, thanks to the live cultures and organic acids that can be found in the drink.
Live cultures present in kombucha help by increasing the good bugs in your gut and making sure things are working how they should be, preventing the growth of bad bugs and supplying micro-organisms full of vitamins, minerals and fibre that can be used as a food source for even more healthy growths. Kombucha also contains organic acids that have more, different health and life benefits – including being an energy source for good bacteria, regulating appetite, stabilising blood sugar, regulating cholesterol and, in conjunction with the live cultures, preventing the overgrowth of bad bugs.
For all those who are super cautious of what they eat (or drink), beyond the health benefits Remedy Kombucha is also 100% certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, fructose-free, and paleo friendly, really making it the perfect drink for everyone. There is also plenty of variety – a range of six flavours including original, raspberry lemonade, ginger lemon, apple crisp, hibiscus kiss and cherry plus. There’s plenty of reason to keep coming back and trying new things with Remedy Kombucha.
So who are the brains behind Remedy Kombucha?
Remedy Kombucha is the brain child of husband and wife team, Emmet and Sarah Condon, who became frustrated with the number of misleading ‘healthy’ products in the food industry. As a result, they decided to make something good, turning their previous passion for fermented food (including raw kombucha) into what would eventually become Remedy Kombucha.
Remedy Kombucha is made in small batches in a Melbourne fermentary, fulfilling Emmet and Sarah’s aim of bringing authentic kombucha to the widest audience possible, while maintaining traditional quality and processes. Considering Remedy Kombucha is sold, and loved, Australia wide and within New Zealand, it is safe to say they have achieved their goal.
You can find Remedy Kombucha at a variety of locations across Australia including supermarkets, grocers, cafes, restaurants, bars, yoga studios, and gyms.
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Written by Perri Digby