Red Whyte: Tickled Pink

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Red Whyte: Tickled Pink

You know what it’s like when you listen to a CD and it’s good, very good, then a new CD from the same artist comes in and you sit up and think “Yes!”. Well this is the CD.

I have been listening to Red Whyte for quite a few years since I first heard him at Apollo Bay Music Festival and his music is always interesting, unique. It also has a twist – you’ll be listening to a track with fun lyrics and a melody to match, then the next track will take you deep, on a very different journey.

Red’s new release Tickled Pink is the one that made me sit up and say “Yes!” It’s one of those things that’s hard to put your finger on. The tracks and track names even, still have that whimsy, but the music and the lyrics are not just going that little bit further, they are ticking all the boxes.

Red is supported on the CD by other well known locals, including Howlin’ Wind, Tim Neal, Phil Smurthwaite and Jeremy Ham. It’s a good support line, but it’s the music – it’s exceptional, and an essential addition to a jazz/blues collection.

Reviewed by John Lamp