Lanu: The Double Sunrise

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Lanu: The Double Sunrise

Just what is a double sunrise exactly? The easiest way to sum it up is much like a double rainbow, one of those mystical rarely seen moments of Mother Nature that have you thinking of butterflies and sparkly things. Yes, it’s cheesy and ‘Secret Order of the Double Sunrise’ starts off exactly like that. I can just see the Bold and the Beautiful credits rolling…

What’s surprising with this release, is while there are “cornier” moments – for want of a better word – there’s quite a few songs featuring Megan Washington. And we all know she’s quite far from corny. ‘Nightmarchers’ also featuring the talented songstress is a highlight on the release, it’s perhaps the darkest. Broody, unnerving and with a steady beat throughout, it’s polar opposites to past tracks on the release. ‘Tiny Dots’ is also mesmerising in its own right.

As you step further and further into the release, any cheesiness seems to be swept away and you can realise the charm with what Lanu is doing. Things are a bit offbeat, and that’s exactly what makes them so special. Note: I’d still skip the opening track though!

Pacific Theatre
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh