Red Whyte: Catalyst

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Red Whyte: Catalyst

This is the best yet from Red Whyte. Red Whyte is equal parts musician and surfer, and I first met him and his music about 20 years ago at Apollo Bay. The surfing theme regularly intrudes into his music. On past CDs, Red has been joined by many well-known musicians, including Jeff Raglus, Howlin’ Wind and Phil Smurthwaite, just to name a few.

Catalyst takes his expression of his love for surfing to the next level, as this CD is a dedication to Michael Peterson, the Australian surfing legend. Red has created musical threads that mix with and enhance comments made by Peterson, taken from recordings made by surfer and cinematographer, Dick Hoole.

Red is joined on this CD by Tim Gaze and Tim Neal. Tim Gaze is an Australian rock and blues guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer. He was a member of Australian groups such as Tamam Shud and Kahvas Jute. Tim Neal is a B3 Hammond organist and saxophonist. He is best known in Paul Williamson Hammond Combo. It’s such a cliché to say that this is a much more mature sound, but it all comes together on this CD. Hard to pick a favourite track, but go with ‘Brotherly Love’.

Reviewed by John “Dr John” Lamp