Awaken I am: Blind Love

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Awaken I am: Blind Love

With a sound reminiscent of early Sleeping With Sirens, Awaken I Am have just defined themselves as one of Australia’s hottest post-hardcore acts. Their sophomore effort, Blind Love, soars with professionalism and technical prowess, truly highlighting the talent of each individual member.

From the bass grooves on ‘Naive,’ to the hypnotising vocals on ‘The Chase,’ Blind Love is more than just an accumulation of recorded songs like so many LP’s are. Instead, it’s an incredibly diverse album that quite clearly has had much deliberation over the track listing and flow of the overall release. Title track ‘Blind Love’ provides a slightly heavier side for the band through the use of intricate drum fills, prog-esque riffs and a powerful chorus that’ll get crowds up and going, while album opener ‘Walk My Way’ is destined for heartfelt sing-alongs.

The incorporation of synths/keys throughout Blind Love also really helps to create atmosphere alongside the tracks, as seen on ‘Distance, Distance,’ which shows a more ambient and experimental side of the band. In a genre so frequently ruled by American acts, Awaken I Am have delivered an absolute belter of an album and distinguished themselves as an act to keep an eye out for.

Victory Records
Reviewed by Alex Callan