Red Bee: Silent Enemy

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Red Bee: Silent Enemy

The way I’ve always seen the commercial side of the music scene might be different to most. One thing I’ve always been certain of though is that bands like that of Red Bee should be getting A LOT more radio play and attention than they actually get. This is where heavy rock should be going, and the people deserve to hear it.
Red Bee is a three-piece from the Blue Mountains in Australia and they capture a truly unique energy with their second full length offering. Silent Enemy is full of progressive-influence, power-riffing, soaring melodies and tasty musicianship.
I could imagine this release appealing to an extraordinarily diverse audience base. It is obvious the creative process for Silent Enemy was a workhorse experience, as it seamlessly weaves through an abstract of styles, genres and time signatures without losing an ounce of hook or feel along the way.
Epicly huge sections like ‘Autumn Blood Horizon’ have you silently screaming to the skies, before dragging you back down to hell with a fist clenching metal riff. While the title track would be a commercial gem if the greater population was actually given the chance to hear it.
I cannot overstate Red Bee’s creative talent and musicianship enough. If you like Aussie progressive hard rock then you should definitely give Silent Enemy a listen… and then you’ll probably find yourself going through it again.
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Reviewed by Chris McEwin