Breckin: Shiner

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Breckin: Shiner

Shiner by Breckin is a dreamy soundscape, intertwining folky vocals and synth like instrumentals. This is the sort of album I can imagine accompanying Alice as she explores her sweetly surreal wonderland. Whilst maintaining classic folk notions, Breckin has also employed a more modern sense of synth-pop, creating a unique and decorative set of sounds.
‘The Story Bridge’, released earlier this year as a single, is smooth and flows like a sweet spring dreams. Percussive tones of a drum beat and tambourine decorate Breckin’s vocals beautifully, whilst the occasional inclusion of xylophone really creates a magical notion.
The album changes its tone in ‘Life of the Party’, engaging in a slightly rockier mood, establishing an array of variation from track to track. All in all the album is dreamy and sweet, setting a scene much to how the beautiful album artwork does visually.
Reviewed by Aine Keogh