‘Really You’re A Nice Kid’ is Rosalind’s grand statement about modern resilience

‘Really You’re A Nice Kid’ is Rosalind’s grand statement about modern resilience

Words by Talia Rinaldo

An anthem for those facing online negativity or online abuse.

Since it debuted last Wednesday, Melbourne songwriter Rosalind’s ‘Really You’re A Nice Kid’ has bounced around in our heads for exactly the reason a pop-rock anthem should. It’s heavy drums, catchy bass lines, delicate and unique harmonies, and powerful vocal hooks have us mesmerised, while influences like Florence + The Machine, Lorde, Joan Baez, and Amália Rodrigues surge and flourish throughout the track.

Her first single of the year, it’s not just the bewitching sound that has us fixated.

Capturing a mood for 2020, ‘Really You’re A Nice Kid’ is reflective of resilience in the face of online negativity or online abuse; something that the world can relate to as COVID-19 shapes our relationship with the internet and each other.

Taking us on an emotional journey, the single highlight Rosalind’s cinematic style of songwriting and knack for unwaveringly honest lyricism as she explores the negative interactions musicians experience online.

“My experiences online gaming when I was younger had put me off online communities completely as a teen. But you can’t avoid social media as a musician,” she explains.

“By the time I wrote ‘Really You’re A Nice Kid’, Instagram had become this community of musicians I could connect to. Around the same time, I was reading discussions some musicians were having about how hard it can be to navigate. Actually, I think it was Tones and I who posted about the bullying she experienced throughout her success, and it led me down a rabbit hole. Reading about it was so frustrating.

“Relative distance, the tiniest hint of anonymity, and our filters just switch off. Good people say awful things.”

It’s reflective of a something many can unfortunately relate to now more than ever, as COVID-19 has forced most of our interactions and day to day life into the digital sphere.

“We’re all feeling the effects of social isolation and it makes having a welcoming online community so much more important! We are all stuck at home, so it’s really hard to stay optimistic and motivated right now. We’ve all seen friends, even celebrities, ‘take a break’ from their social media. Unfortunately, online abuse is normal,” Rosalind reveals.

“When I learnt about online safety in high school, they give you a list of don’ts, all of them unrealistic. Don’t post anything personal online, don’t look at negative comments. But the reality is kids nowadays grow up with social media, and if they had the same experience as me, they were never taught that it’s okay to be affected by this stuff, and learn to handle it.

“It takes time to build resilience.”

Last year captivating Melbourne songwriter Rosalind introduced herself as a talented, emotionally-aware and captivating storyteller in just four standout tracks on

The follow up to her debut self-titled album, which took listeners on a journey of a relationship breakdown in just four standout tracks, ‘Really You’re A Nice Kid’ is a bright and stunning glimpse into what we can expect to see from Rosalind in the not-so-distant future.

Check out the single below or stream on Spotify here.