PSA: A Cannoli Bar has just opened on the Surf Coast

PSA: A Cannoli Bar has just opened on the Surf Coast

One of the world’s best treats.

There’s just something about cannoli.

If you’ve never had them, cannoli (or cannolo, singular, meaning “little tube” in Italian) are delicate tubes of golden, fried pastry piped with sweet custard or ricotta. Say no more right? A bakery staple, this Italian dessert really hits the spot.

Well good news for you all out on the Surf Coast, because an entire store dedicated to the sweet treat has opened its doors.

Officially opening late last year, Cannoli Bar @73 is the venture behind cannoli masters Tony and Jamie Romanella from Laneway 73 in Anglesea – a funky cafe tucked away in the small coastal town. In a first for the Surf Coast, the bar will stock a selection of Italian donuts, cannoli and biscuits together with assorted wine from both Italy and local wineries. You’ll also find a range of Christmas hampers filled with pasta, sauce, coffee and other delicious goodies will be available to purchase.

If you’re a regular on Facebook or part of the Surf Coast community pages, you’ve probably seen regular posts coming from Jamie, who dubs himself ‘the cannoli man’. Baking up a storm and offering weekend cannoli deliveries over the last few months via socials, the desire for cannoli has been astounding with the treats selling out most weekends. And seriously, just one look at these babies and you too would have been sold.

Earning himself a solid reputation of the cannoli, it makes sense that the next step was to open a bar devoted to the delicate pastry tubes, and so here we are.

Bless you, Mr cannoli man.


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You can find Cannoli Bar @73 at 73 Great Ocean Road, Anglesea.