PREMIERE: Ocean Grove’s Jim shares unplugged video for ‘Talkin With Ease’

PREMIERE: Ocean Grove’s Jim shares unplugged video for ‘Talkin With Ease’

Words by Alex Callan

Directed and filmed by the one and only Guy Tyzack.

Quite often the first glimpse of an artist; an upcoming single or album is in the form of a new music video and while play counts on YouTube highlight just how much fans are still consuming these clips, it’s rare that we find out who the behind the scenes gurus are.

Although, a name that you may have seen pop up over the last couple of years is Guy Tyzack, the Ocean Grove based director who has been making a name for himself in the local music community due to his impressive, eclectic and diverse range of music videos.

“I’m really pushing music videos so I can make as much content as possible in such a hard time to go out and shoot things,” reflects Guy.

“For years, I was putting all of my focus into short films and it can be really hard to actually push your career when you are only focusing on the short film industry. You also want the chance to experiment and try different techniques, and I find music videos allow you a lot more freedom to do what you want.”

Working closely with Melbourne acts such as Gonzo, Moth and Shoe, Guy has revelled in the creative freedom thrown his way.

“I always ask what the song is about or if there is a general theme or mood that I can base the video off. I have found a lot of the time though musicians don’t really like explaining the meaning behind their songs too much so a lot of them don’t want a film clip that is literally describing the lyrics, but I do try to make it fit somehow.

“But for an example when you’ve got a band like Gonzo, they are all super keen for me to do whatever I want, which is a really cool way for me to approach a project and have full creative freedom, plus it can be very hard editing scenes to match music so it’s really great experience in that area.”

Now aiming for a more subdued approach, Guy has been putting his effort into premiering the up and coming Ocean Grove folk act Jim, an act who Forte also considers themselves lucky to be premiering.

“I kind of wanted to step back from the two Jim clips,” remarks Guy, “I really just wanted the songs to carry themselves in a more stripped back approach. That idea also suited the newest lockdown as it means what I can do out and film is a lot more limited.”

Expanding on how he first encountered Jim (James Locke) Guy elaborated, “James did release a lot of home recordings and stuff under the name Elephant, which are absolutely incredible but he never really pushed it to a wide audience. So this time I’ve jumped on board in a managerial role to be the one sending emails and to hopefully go about it a bit more seriously this time around.

“It’s such a shame hearing your friends music and hearing how incredible it is but they never release it or it doesn’t have the reach you think it should so I’m really hoping this time Jim can get the attention I feel he deserves.”

Working closely with fellow Ocean Grove musician Ryan McGill, Jim plans to release a double LP of both his and Ryan’s material, but until the home studio is completed that may be a little while off. Luckily we have his first ever single to tie us through until then.

Listen to the eerily melancholic but yet simultaneously uplifting ‘Talkin With Ease’ but Jim below. For fans of Nick Drake and Marlon Williams, this song is one you absolutely must check out before it finds its place in film soundtracks over the years to come.