Premiere: Listen to The Grimwoods new single ‘Bats’ before its official release

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Premiere: Listen to The Grimwoods new single ‘Bats’ before its official release

Words by Staff Writer

Paranoid, frantic and horror movie suspense; 'Bats' is a resurfaced abandoned track that will keep you looking over your shoulder.

The Grimwoods (Geelong/Djilang) have been promising new music, dropping one new single each year (sans 2022) since their 2019 inception. It started with ‘Cut Short‘, onto ‘Danger‘, followed by ‘Fuck The Bus‘ and last year they gave us ‘Stay Away‘ – four songs that created a distinct narrative of where the band are heading. It’s dark, it’s melancholic, it’s edgy and it’s dangerous.

The Grimwoods new single, due for official release on Monday 27 May, ‘Bats’ further continues the dreaded story.

“I swear there’s Bats behind my back” it loops with added intensity glued to each line. The intense 1 minute 49 second punk rock piece produces just enough anxiety and suspense to both hook you in and drive you completely insane with paranoia.

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The Grimwoods songwriter and vocalist Liam Brennan reflects; “People in our inner circle will know we’ve had this material since the inception of the band. We had a whole album set to be released in 2020 which never came about so we chopped up all the material into smaller chunks and have been repackaging it so it feels more fresh and vital for us. Not out of nostalgia or obligation, but because these tracks bang.”

As recorded by Paul Maybury and Levi Anderson, and mixed and mastered by Isaac Barter, the track is an absolute belter.

In world-first premiere, Forte are giving you access to hear the new single before it bounces into the world. You can listen to ‘Bats’ here.

‘Bats’ is out on all platforms Monday 27 May, with  The Grimwoods celebrating the release with an appear at The Bergy Seltzer Thursday 20 June.