Sarah Carroll drops another gem from her upcoming album, ‘The Artist Original’

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Sarah Carroll drops another gem from her upcoming album, ‘The Artist Original’

Words by Staff Writer

The single is the latest from her upcoming album NQR&B via Cheersquad Records & Tapes.

Bellarine music darling, Sarah Carroll has today released a new single from her upcoming 5 July LP, NQR&B, track ‘The Artist Original’.

Following on from her single April release, ‘Diamond in the Mine’, ‘The Artist Original’ is a heart-breaking tale, further elevated by the touch of a cri de coeur steel solo from Leigh Ivin.

Sarah Carroll Live Dates

  • Sun May 26, Gilded Palace Gigs Torquay with Pollyman
  • Sat June 1 at Driftwood Cafe Ocean Grove for ReSound Festival
  • Sun June 2 with the Cartridge Family at Mantra Studio in Yarraville

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Of the new single, Sarah muses, “I dreamed this one; after driving along a snowy road, pulling up outside a beautiful Spanish Mission style pub with those words in big black letters on the front.”

The single image captures that road trip vibe – a drawing by Sarah’s older son Fenn at age 12 further honing in on the family music connection with both sons featuring on the upcoming album.

Sarah Carroll is known for her work with the likes of GIT, The Pirates Of Beer, Soft Gold, The Left Wing, The Junes and The Cartridge Family, her work with her late husband, the legendary harmonica player and singer-songwriter Chris Wilson and sons Fenn Wilson and George Carroll Wilson, and her decades of broadcasting and music writing experience.

The single release comes in time for her weekend gig at Gildend Palace Gig in Torquay alongside Pollyman (George Wilson), as well as playing ReSound Festival on Saturday 1 June at Driftwoord Cafe in Ocean Grove and Mantra Studios Yarraville the following day on Sunday 2 June.

Listen to ‘The Artist Original’ from Sarah Carroll here.